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Fans of Swashbuckle on CBeebies will be happy to know that a new Swashbuckle magazine has just been launched, with the first issue available today. My boys were all interested in looking through the magazine and completing the different activities, and what I love about the magazine is that, as with all CBeebies magazines, there are plenty of activities for them to do and they are all designed to have educational benefits.

swashbuckle magazine


Swashbuckle magazine has 35 pages, and a sheet of over 70 stickers to use in the activities. The contents include a pull out poster, a pull out active game, stories, colouring, puzzles, a competition, a smoothie recipe and lots more.

swashbuckle magazineIt is a really good quality magazine, and if your child enjoys Swashbuckle on TV then this is a great way to engage them in some focused sit-down learning in a way that they will enjoy. Completing the whole magazine can take quite a while if you carefully go through every page, so it is great value for 2.75

The magazine suits children from 3-6, with those at the older end of that range able to complete the activities independently and younger ones working through with help from a parent. T is 5 years old and in reception and the magazine fitted in really well with his level and with the skills that he is working on at school.

swashbuckle magazineYou also get a free gift along with each magazine. With this issue, it’s a pirate play set including a small treasure chest, 5 jewels just like the ones in the TV show, a pirate hat, and a pirate spinner.

We were pleased with this gift, and I used it to set up some pirate playdough to keep R entertained while I was helping T with some of the reading and activities in the magazine.

pirate playdough with gems


I would recommend Swashbuckle magazine to any child of 3-6 years old who likes pirates or enjoys Swashbuckle on TV.

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