Petition to Abolish VAT on Car Seats

Recently Halfords got in touch to let me know about their campaign to abolish VAT on children’s car seats. I had not realised that VAT would be charged on car seats, as an essential item but currently it is (due to EU laws)

Since children’s clothes have a 0% VAT rate, as essential products, Halfords are campaigning for the same to apply to car seats which are also an essential item for any family with a car. Since it’s not recommended to buy second hand with car seats for safety reasons, even this 5% difference in price could make a difference to families with tight budgets and some may feel tempted to buy the second hand seats to save money.

Halfords proposal to abolish VAT on car seats

Currently Halfords are offering a 5% discount on their car seats to offset this 5% VAT for customers but if their petition proves successful, then the topic of VAT reduction on child seats can be raised in Parliament.

Find out more and sign the petition here

I have signed the petition and would support this move. It does seem to be very logical and would make a difference to families.

Over the 6 years of having 3 children we have been through several carseats, always buying new of course for safety, and needing to change and upgrade as the children grew from babies in a stage 0 car seat up to older children. As I mentioned my eldest is now 6 years old, and our youngest is now 3 years old but they all still need some form of carseats. Times have changed since we were children and were able to just jump in the car with no seat and fit several children across the back row of the car, and it’s definitely a positive change that parents are now more aware of car safety and the need to use properly fitted car seats for children so it would be great to see this recognised by a change in VAT too.

What do you think? Share your comments with me and let me know if you have signed. 

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