Christmas Sock Day!

Did you know that today, 6th December, is Christmas socks day? The kids and I have marked the occasion and are getting our feet into the festive spirit today to mark the occasion, with our new Christmassy socks from TK Maxx.


TK Maxx have launched the Christmas Sock Day to help support Cancer Research Kids and Teens, as they’ll be giving proceeds from their Christmas socks sales to this charity – so you can get into the Christmas spirit and do some good at the same time!

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Turning exercise into a charity fundraising challenge for the family this summer

As we head out of the dank, dark days of winter and into the altogether friendlier season of spring, you may be starting to think about heading outside with your family for the purposes of exercise and fun. Whatever you and your family enjoy, why not combine a little outdoors time with fundraising this summer? It’s time to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising, and to bring your whole family along for the ride….

simple ideas to turn exercise into a charity fundraising challenge, great way to spend time as a family and help a cause!

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Beating Leukaemia: A Bloodwise Perspective

Today I’m welcoming the charity Bloodwise, to share their message with you and let us know a little on the work they are doing to beat Leukaemia

As a young child, our experiences define us in more ways than we know. Learning and living is all about taking the good with the bad, and even the mistakes we make form a vital component of who we are. In this regard, illness is a unique learning experience for a child, especially when it is a loved one such as a sibling or parent afflicted. At Bloodwise, we come into contact with many children who are either growing up with leukaemia, have a parent or sibling with leukaemia, or have even already lost someone. Whilst we are primarily a research fundraising organisation working to beat blood cancers, our support network is just as important and we work hard to reach people of all different backgrounds to share what we believe is important.

Beating Leukaemia, A Bloodwise Perspective.docx

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Petition to Abolish VAT on Car Seats

Recently Halfords got in touch to let me know about their campaign to abolish VAT on children’s car seats. I had not realised that VAT would be charged on car seats, as an essential item but currently it is (due to EU laws)

Since children’s clothes have a 0% VAT rate, as essential products, Halfords are campaigning for the same to apply to car seats which are also an essential item for any family with a car. Since it’s not recommended to buy second hand with car seats for safety reasons, even this 5% difference in price could make a difference to families with tight budgets and some may feel tempted to buy the second hand seats to save money.

Halfords proposal to abolish VAT on car seats

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One World Futbol Review and Giveaway

Since the world cup over the summer, Mr Z’s interest in football has really been growing. He loves to play football at home with his brothers and at school with his friends, so he was really happy to try out the new One World Futbol.

Unlike other footballs the One World Futbol is virtually indestructible – never goes flat even when punctured. Solving the problem faced by many parents of constantly replacing deflated footballs in the garden that last five minutes.

As well as being indestructible the One World Futbol also has a ‘buy one give one’ model; for each football sold in the UK a ball will be sent directly to children in disadvantaged communities globally. This is a great idea! The aim of One World Futbol is to spread the healing power of play to children worldwide with these footballs that can survive even the harshest environments. I’m totally behind this mission. Play is so vital for children and the simplest toys like balls are the ones which can often bring the most fun, and allow many children to play together in a team.

One world futbol

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Premature Baby Clothes by George at Asda

George at Asda is launching the first supermarket range of premature baby clothing in partnership with the baby charity Tommy’s. The new range of Premature Baby Clothes by George at Asda will be the most affordable on the high street and 10% from the sale of each garment will be donated to Tommy’s to fund research and support families with premature babies. This is a great idea, with the stress of having a premature baby you would want to be able to find suitable clothes as conveniently as possible.

The range was launched today and will be stocked in 70 Asda stores nationwide, specifically pin-pointed in stores that are within a short distance of the nation’s specialist neonatal hospitals. The range will also be available for next day delivery and click and collect on so parents can spend minimum time worrying about clothing and maximum time with their new baby.

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