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personalised money boxMr Z has been wanting a money box for a while now, so that he can have his own money and save up for a few little things that he would like. Although we do buy most of the children’s things for them anyway, I do think having some of their own money and learning to save up helps them to learn some vital skills for later life! The idea of knowing what something costs and working out how much more money you will need to pay for it, and realising how long it could take to save up for things helps children to get their first understanding of the value of money. When they know they have only a few pounds in their money box they do tend to suddenly think twice about frittering it away on anything and everything as those pounds can only be spent once so they must make the right choice!

Mr Z was sent a Personalised money box in a patchwork train design from When he saw it, his reaction was that it is “awesome” so can’t ask for more than that! The money box is made of bone china and has a stopper underneath to allow the child to retrieve their money. I think the ones which you have to smash to get the money out are not too good, this is much much better for children.

The design is lovely in a soft blue and green colour scheme. It’s style reminds me of pencil crayon illustrations and it would fit well into any bedroom as these are neutral and tasteful colours.

personalised money box

On the Special Moment website you can choose to have a personalised or a standard version of this money box. The standard one reads “my pennies” which you can see at the start of the post but the personalised version is a little more special. You can have any name up to 12 characters. It’s great to have this option especially with a rare name like Mr Z’s. I remember those days not so long ago in my own childhood when you could only get things with your name on if your name was one of the most popular and common ones. Luckily this is no longer the case, and Mr Z’s money box is clearly labelled to keep any sneaky siblings hands off his pennies!

The money box is a small size and fits nicely onto his shelf as you can see above. It would make a lovely gift or stocking filler.

There are plenty of other varieties on Special Moment too (have a look here for their full range). If your little one is not into trains there are fairies, space, caterpillars, lions, diggers and more so you are sure to find something suitable!


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