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freebirdsOver the weekend, we went to a preview screening of Free Birds (thanks to Mumsnet for the tickets!) a new animated movie which will be coming out on the 29th November.

It’s great family friendly entertainment which provides an alternative point of view to Christmas and Thanksgiving from the point of view of the Turkey. It has plenty of action and humour and our whole family enjoyed it (children aged 2-5 plus parents!).

Reggie the Turkey (voiced by Owen Wilson) is a Turkey who has always felt different from the rest of his flock. One Thanksgiving, he gets selected as the pardonned Turkey and is taken to live a life of luxury in the Presidents house. Much to Reggie’s annoyance he gets taken by Jake (Woody Harrelson) the president of the Turkey Liberation Front. He just wants to relax in his new life watching TV and eating pizza but there are much more adventures in store for him!

He ends up travelling back in a time machine to the first ever Thanksgiving to help with a mission to take Turkeys off the seasonal menu, and ends up finding friendship and even love along the way!

Free Birds packs in a lot of action and quite a detailed storyline in the movie so there is always something new happening, and although it may be a little hard to follow for younger toddlers (especially with all the time travel!) the boys all seemed to enjoy it. At 5, Mr Z got the most out of it. I would say it’s best suited for primary school children from about 4-11 but it’s suitable for the whole family to watch together.

Mr Z said his favourite bit was the president’s little daughter when she kept saying “I’m tired now!” and just falling asleep – you can see it in the trailer!

All 3 boys enjoying the movie with their 3d glasses!
While it’s not a film I can see us watching over and over again it’s definitely worth a watch and is an entertaining family movie. I would recommend it if you are thinking of a family cinema trip over the Christmas holidays. (It is more about Thanksgiving than Christmas though)

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    • yes it is good, we all enjoyed it and I think both your little boys probably would too! the time travel machine is quite cool it talks and has a personality 😀


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