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Enchanted Interiors recently sent us a kit to transform the boy’s room into an Enchanted Royal Knights and Dragons design. These are giant fabric wall stickers which can give a full room make over.

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The kit includes

  • a large tree design and leaves
  • a castle
  • a knight
  • a horse
  • a treasure chest and coins
  • four large dragons
  • a rainbow
  • clouds
  • stars.
  • rocks

These can be arranged in whatever design you like to fit the space in the room. As Mr Z and Mr T’s room doesn’t have one really large section of empty wall space, we made the majority of the scene on the area next to Mr Z’s bed then spread some of the other stickers around the room. We placed the tree on one of the other walls, and Mr T wanted the horse and stars next to his bed. To place the whole design in one section of the room, you will need around 2metres x 2 metres of free space.

Applying Enchanted Interiors Wall StickersI found the stickers pretty easy to apply. I asked my husband to help with a couple but seeing how easy it was, I did the rest my self and even let Mr Z and T help with some of it. They are only 5 and 3 but they managed to put the leaves on the tree with no trouble – and luckily the stickers are totally re-positionable so I was able to peel off a  couple of the stray ones and adjust them a little while they weren’t looking 😉

The tree stickers have been split into several sections to make it easier to apply. This was a  big help! We actually have a dado rail in the room (not my choice – the house came like that!) so had the tree sticker been in one long piece, we wouldn’t have been able to use it. As it is, I was able to put half of the trunk above the rail and half below and I think it didn’t spoil the effect too much at all.

Enchanted Interiors Wall StickersAll of the designs are so bright and colourful. I love the rainbow and all of the dragons because of how much colour they inject into the room. It’s a really playful design which would work for a young babies nursery all the way up to a little boy’s bedroom. This design was actually made to commemorate the birth of the new Prince George this summer!

Enchanted Interiors Wall StickersThe stickers are made of a thin self adhesive fabric and have a matt finish. The overall quality of each sticker is very high and I would expect them to last for years. A lot of thought has gone into the design, as you can see from all the little details – the British flag on the knights shield or all the different textures on the leaves. The illustration style is lovely.

The price of this set is £145.95 from Enchanted Interiors. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to give a child’s room a really striking make over with very little effort or skill involved. It’s also a good solution if you want to add personality to a child’s room while renting. We were in that position when all the boys were babies and when you are not allowed to paint the room, wall stickers are a much better solution to quickly liven things up and they do come off easily without damaging the paintwork. They are also useful for cleverly covering up any imperfections which are already on the paintwork or wall underneath!

If you are tempted by these but do have a much smaller room, you can buy some of these stickers separately such as the dragons or tree on its own, or a smaller set with the castle and one dragon – so have a browse of the website.

Mr Z and Mr T love their new room design as I’m sure most little boys would.

Watch our Enchanted Interiors Wall Stickers video to see how easy they are to apply and see my boys’ reaction to the new wall stickers!

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