Personalised Frog Blanket

Mr R was sent something very cute recently! A personalised frog blanket from Goodheart Gifts.  I do love personalised things for my children, especially as they have rare names so it makes their things rare and unmistakeable – not to be mixed up with any other child’s! It will also help to stop squabbles between the three of them, as when the name is on it – there can be no fighting as to who’s frog, toy or whatever else, it is!
personalised blankets from goodheart gifts
This frog blanket is so soft, Mr R loved it straight away and wanted to snuggle it. The blanket comes tied up into the frog shape using a loop and velcro fastening at the back. It is very easy to undo and open out into the full blanket. It is the size of a pram blanket at 35in x 24in.

The blanket is really soft and fluffy. It is nice and warm for a baby or toddler.

When not in use, it is very easy to turn it back into the frog shape. You can use the feet and eyes as a guide where to fold the blanket in, and then simply roll it up tightly and refasten. I was glad to see that once I had opened it and then re-rolled it, the frog shape looked just as good as it did before I opened the blanket.

When not in use as a blanket, it looks really cute displayed in Mr R’s room as a personalised frog!

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If you are looking for some gifts for babies, why not have a look on Good Heart Gifts 🙂 Names can be added to the frog blanket up to 12 letters.

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  1. How completely cute! My kids love frogs – we have a pond in the garden and have loads of frogs that lay frogspawn every year! When we have our conservatory window open during the Spring and Summer, we can hear the frogs croaking in the evenings!


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