PDF Management Through PDFBear: Compress, Split, and Merge

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By Luciana Oliveira

Are you still sitting down on your chair staring at the desktop screen and wondering how you can fix your PDF problems? Are your deadlines almost up, yet you still have to encounter dilemmas with your electronic files? Are you already satisfied with the data content you have, yet you do not know how to transfer them with ease? 

Documents in the portable document format or PDF are basically quicker for filing transfer. Even for online platforms such as webmails, PDFs are the best file format to transmit data faster. But without the correct tool, you cannot fully maximize the advantages of the portable document format. For PDF beginners, here is PDFBear for you. 

How To Compress Your PDFs

If you are challenged with file size problems, you can maximize the usage of a PDF compressor. Provided that PDFs are more compact than other file formats, there are still chances that you might have to reduce their size depending on your webmail’s capacity. Uploading and transmitting data through webmails usually have limitations.

Your document might contain many high-definition photos and graphics. It might be unhealthy to remove them as it can affect your document’s totality; shrinking the file’s actual size solves your problem. If you worry about the file’s quality, PDFBear has an advanced compressing tool to maintain the quality of your file’s entire content: 

  • Browse for your PDF file and drag it to the PDFBear compressor tool.
  • Select the compressing type you need from the options. 
  • Compressing will begin and will only take less than a minute, even for large files.
  • Download your newly compressed PDF file. 

Separating Pages In Your PDF

PDFs are less modifiable, yet that becomes another advantage since you can avoid unnecessary edits. Transferring data from one user to another may cause unwanted edits if not in the portable document format. However, you cannot make adjustments to your PDFs if you do not have the tool.

If your file size is too large, or just want to separate pages from your base document, you can use the PDF split function of PDFBear. By separating pages, you can reduce your file size. By separating pages, you can organize your pages better. Depending on your needs, you can use the split function to detach pages from your original PDF: 

  • Browse for your PDF file and drag it to the PDFBear split tool. 
  • Select the pages you want to detach from your base document. 
  • Click and refine the pages, then save changes. 
  • Download your newly edited PDF file. 

Combining Pages In Your PDF

If PDFBear has the PDF split function, it also can connect pages from different file locations. PDF merge is another free online tool of PDFBear that you can use to combine your PDFs. Even if you are closer to your deadlines, you need not worry because PDFBear operates fast. Here is how you can merge your PDFs: 

  • Browse for your PDF files and upload them to the PDFBear merge tool.
  • PDFBear combiner will merge your PDFs into one file. 
  • You can make modifications after combining, depending on your needs. 
  • Download your newly merged PDF file. 

Versatile Online PDF Tool

PDFBear is a complete online PDF tool that offers an excellent selection of PDF services. Although PDFs have naturally less editable design, you can make proper modifications with the versatility of PDFBear. Its versatility brings it on top of other PDF online tools, and upgrading to its PRO package allows you to avail full length of its services.

PDF Converter 

It is quite a practical approach to convert your PDFs to their most compatible format for editing. For example, to edit a standard composition document, you can convert your PDF to the Word format for more comfortable content editing. The same goes for your spreadsheets and presentations in the portable document format. These are the PDF conversion steps: 

  • On the PDFBear home page, choose which file format you need to convert your PDF to or vice versa. 
  • Browse for your file and drag it to the PDFBear converter tool.
  • PDFBear will convert your file to the designated format. 
  • Download your newly converted file and start editing.

Editing PDFs

If you do not require converting your PDF to another format, you can use the options in PDFBear. You can also use the PDF reader, number pages, add watermark, rotate PDF, and e-sign PDF. You can add personalized modifications to your PDFs through these other tools, even without converting them to their base format. 

The essence of adding these features to PDFBear is to save your time. If you are much in a hurry and do not have the liberty to convert and edit, you can use these tools to add signature touches to your documents. 

Protecting Your Files

Aside from saving your time, PDFBear also assures the safety and security of your uploaded files. It has a secure SSL connection that automatically deletes your uploaded files right after you start another operation. You can also use its 256-bit encryption protocol to password protect your document from unwanted users! 


You can always browse on the internet for useful tools to overcome particular issues. Most searched inquiries are about electronic files since many people are still not fully equipped in handling them. PDFBear is a complete all-in-one tool that you can use for free! Try it out for yourself for all your PDF needs.

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