Easy File Conversion: 5 Facts About the PDFBear Converter

Many people finish their tasks in just a snap; why can’t we? What are the secrets they’ve been carrying for too long? Did we miss something? To answer all your questions; it might be in the tools you’re using, or you might have missed the essential thing. But don’t be discouraged because you’re about to know their top secret. 

Having a converter that we can fully trust is a must, for it will be your lifetime partner. Starting today, you’ll finally have a good sleep, for you’re about to know the power and the capabilities of the PDFBear converter! This converter is the answer you’ve been waiting for! If you’re excited, then let’s get started!

The PDFBear Is A Multi-purpose Converter


We have sleepless nights trying to figure out why unproductive these past few days; maybe some of the problems you’re encountering are, you can’t compress PDF files online and convert them instantly. These boatloads of files have been neglected for several days for not having a reliable converter. 


We’ve tried so hard to find a converter that will help us convert documents in just a snap but to no avail. Good thing, our long time problem has been heard today because we finally found a multi-purpose converter, and its name is PDFBear! 


Before we touch on its functions, let’s first talk about the PDFBear’s background. A PDFBear converter is an online-based tool that helps you convert all your documents. It is owned legally by Megacloud Limited; therefore, you have nothing to fret about because it’s proven and not illicit.


So much for the background; let’s go to its function. Believe it or not, but this tool is suitable for any job! It can do not just one, two, or three tasks; it’s more than the number you’ve imagined today in your mind because it’s not a mediocre converter like other tools you’ve tried before. 


Most of the time, we waste hours trying to convert a PDF to other formats; it’s really a tough job, I know. The advantage you have as of the moment is you have the most reliable online converter today. It can convert HTML to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Word to PDF, and vice versa. Notable converter, isn’t it?


But don’t be amazed yet by the functions I told you earlier because there are more amazing things that you’re going to discover. This converter will help you tweak your document and transform it into a more neat and arranged file. You can merge, delete, add page numbers to PDF, split, and compress files. It’s a Multi-purpose converter! 

Converting Is Just A Piece of Cake


Let me show you one example to eliminate the doubts you’ve been holding in your mind. Since it’s an online-based converter, I’m going to show you how to compress files online; having a device and good Internet connection is enough to run the PDFBear successfully. 


For the first step, press the “Select Files” or automatically drop the file to start the process. Wait for a little while, for it’s still analyzing and compressing your files. Once the process is done, you can now download the new compressed document. 


On this day, erase the thought you’re not as good and as productive as them; you can do extraordinary things once you realize that the answer to your problem is finding a reliable converter. You’ll no longer waste your time waiting for the document to be converted because PDFBear can convert things in just a few seconds! 

PDFBear Makes Sure That Your Files Will Remain Hidden and Secure


It’s a tremendous problem if you trust a tool that never thinks about your security and privacy; if you don’t want to cry your heart out because your privacy has been invaded, then you should never let go of the PDFBear converter. 


This tool shows their respect to their users by wiping all the documents they’ve submitted to the website; this action is done by the PDFBear to prevent stealing the file and maintain privacy. 

PDFBear Is Invented for Everyone


Let’s admit it; you can’t point out any disadvantage about PDFBear converters, for it provides us extraordinary benefits, and it’s convenient to use. The process isn’t hard to follow, and the price for the premium account is worth spending. 


You can use this tool using Mac, Linux, and Windows; as long as you have one of these devices, plus a strong internet connection, everything will be done smoothly. Just follow the process to have the best result!  

The PDFBear Features are Incomparable


Perhaps you’re one of those who spent money on tools, thinking it might reach your standard; however, the money you used was just wasted for nothing. All you can do is regret your choice. But this day is different; you’ll never get fooled again, for the PDFBear features are incomparable. 


Once you become a PDFBear user, you can perform unlimited jobs, compress files to medium or strong compress, get rid of ads, and have storage space for your Supported documents. You’ll find out all the features it offers once you go for it! 



There are moments we wanted to rest our minds from thinking about the documents, but we couldn’t have it because those things require to be passed as soon as possible. The good thing is we have a lifetime partner that will help us convert all the documents without getting anxious it might not work well; let’s keep doing our task with the help of the PDFBear!

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