Baby’s Sleep – Top Mistakes Which New Parents Make

Newborn sleep is one of the three primary things that every new parent is concerned about (or should be concerned) when they have a baby. The other two being the feedings and hygiene. It will take you several months to know and understand the sleeping needs of your child. Further, the most challenging part is that these needs are always evolving.

So, primarily, it is you who has to make all the adjustments. Of course, that would account for days of sleep deprivation. There will be days when you will feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up with all the sleep philosophies that you read in the books and blogs, the endless dos and don’ts, and the many-many contradictory and scary warnings. So, are you still wondering how to ensure that your little munchkin sleeps through the entire night (which would mean you sleep through the night too).


Well, to be honest with you, there are several ways to go about it. For that, you will need a lot of hit and miss to know what works best for your child. However, there are some ways that you should totally avoid. Let us find out about them one by one.  


Do not believe that the sleepy, mellow newborn phase will be there forever


It saddens us to share with you, but the peaceful, dozy infant who falls asleep as soon as he is milk-drunk after a wholesome feeding will not be the same forever. The initial few months (at times weeks) are not the perfect giveaway of the baby’s sleeping pattern. Jennifer, an educator who provides pay for writing papers services with FineGrades shares her experience, stating that her little one slept through the night for the initial three months, but it just changed overnight without warning. We have our sympathies with Jennifer, but let us tell you that this is something that all of you young parents will experience sooner or later.


Unfortunately, your rocking to sleep or nursing to sleep before bedtime and naps may be working at the moment, but they, too, will stop working in a while. Please understand that it does not mean that you are doing anything wrong, we are all trying, but some babies do take time.  


Sleeping on the couch with your newborn


We know the feeling of falling asleep on a couch with your little bundle of joy all curled up on your chest. Yes, it is one of a kind feeling that you do not want to miss. Also, moms are always exhausted. So, they tend to get the little rest anywhere they possibly can.


But following a study conducted by the celebrated American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), co-sleeping on the armchair, couch, or any tiny space, is one of the biggest mistakes that you may be making. It is even more dangerous than co-sleeping on a bed with your child.




There is always a risk of smothering or dropping your baby. Tyra, who works with TrumpLearning and a new mother, says that she opts for bed-sharing to ensure that the baby feels safe and sleeps soundly. Well, that is certainly a good tip that you can adopt too. 


Never let your child sleep on the car seat


It is quite disputable, but we know we have all been there. Natasha, an educator who works with TAE, shares her experience saying that her baby girl always tends to conk out on the car’s seat, whenever she takes her along to run errands or travels back home. The good thing about the bucket seat is you can pop it out and put your sleeping baby inside for their remaining nap.


However, following the AAP study, letting your child sleep in the bucket car seat, which has been clicked into a stroller or placed on the floor, is one significant safety hazard. It is because when the child is sleeping in this position, his head can fall forward. It can lead to positional asphyxiation. Because of the angle of the seat’s design, it is way safer to allow your baby to sleep in the car seat when it is attached to the base and installed.


Moreover, you should not allow your child to sleep in a car seat overnight if you are not awake enough to keep a check on them. It is again a big blunder. Further, the experts suggest that you should curtail the time spent by your child in the swing, bouncer, or the car seat to only 30 minutes. It is primarily because of the developmental reasons. As the child sleeps in this cramped position, their motion is restricted, and it puts them at risk of developing positional plagiocephaly.


Never put off sleep training only because your child is teething


Let us state the obvious – Babies are always teething, or sick with a cold, or recovering from smoothing, or coming down with a new disease, or just tired. If nothing, they have this incomprehensible fussy baby syndrome – yea, we made that up, but you will know in a few months. Anushka, an economics assignment help expert with TFTH, says that she fails to reason why newborn parents do not take a specific effort to sleep train their kids. Honestly, it is true.


Many parents do not understand that you will never feel that the time is right, but you have got to start somewhere. Experts suggest that the best time to sleep train your baby is anywhere between six to 12 months.


However, we would say that it is best to use your judgment and trust your instinct. One reminder – If you are not committed to it entirely, you will always find excuses, and it will not ever happen.

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