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Over the holiday season, we are always looking for fun family party games to play. Even when we don’t have guests over, the kids love to set up little parties among themselves and try out new games.

Recently we gave limbo a try and this was a big hit with the kids. If you’re looking for a fun way for kids to burn off energy indoors over the winter, then this game is a great idea!

party game ideas : Limbo is a great way for kids to burn off their energy indoors during the winter

If you don’t know how to play limbo then here’s a quick explanation.

How to play limbo

The aim of limbo is to fit your body under the Limbo pole and travel underneath it without touching the limbo pole. You should do this by bending backwards, flexing yourself to fit under rather than just crouching down to go under neath.

You can move the bars lower down to make the game more difficult as it goes on.

We used a garden limbo set from Handpicked Collection (they also have some great gifts and traditional toys for kids, so worth a browse!). Although called garden limbo, this game works just as well indoors during winter. You will need an empty space in which to play, so we set ours up in the middle of the living room.

Limbo game set up in the living roomTo keep the fun going for children, you can adapt the game to ask them to hop under the bar, crawl under the bar, go backwards under the bar or whatever idea they come up with.

Playing Limbo at home, whether by the traditional Limbo rules or by adding in adaptions too, offers a great chance to have some gross motor fun indoors.

This game works well for parties, or for those times when the kids have been indoors all day and have lots of energy to use up!

You could quite easily set up your own make shift version of Limbo, but the set is quite inexpensive and packs away into a small bag when finished, so that is an easier option for us.

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