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I was given the chance to choose a personalised poster from Paper Themes to review. They have quite a wide variety of designs for occasions like weddings and births and some just to be personalised with your families details or memories.

I chose the Around the world poster which is a world map, personalised with mine and my husbands names and the date of our marriage. I love maps, I just find them quite fascinating to look out. We have a giant set of world map wall stickers in the kids playroom too so I thought it would be nice for me and my husband to have one of our own.

paper themes world map

The poster is a brownish old world map kind of colour, and comes with the map left all in plain white because the concept is that you can mark off each country as you visit, so that over time you fill in more and more. This is quite a novelty and fun concept, which did appeal to me because we always fondly remember the trips we have been on in the past, and for the last few years having the kids quite close together, we have not had much opportunity to travel, so we are looking forward to next time we will get a chance to go somewhere exciting, and we often think of the places we would like to go.
paper themes world map
I coloured in the countries we have already visited together (America, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia – and the UK since we live here). There are others we have been to separately but I’ve not included those since its supposed to be our travels as a couple or a family.  I have to admit, I love colouring in – I find it quite relaxing and I always sneak the chance to do a bit in the kids colouring books, so I quite liked this aspect of it. I coloured it with pencil crayon, which did not show up quite as well as I had hoped so I’m not sure if felt tips would have been better. The texture of the poster is a bit shiny, so it’s hard to know what medium would have been best really.

The poster is 297 x 420mm (which is the size of an A3 sheet) and comes unframed. The thickness is like a thick paper, it shouldn’t tear or rip but it’s not extremely thick. It should be fine in any frame. The price on the website is currently at £25, which seems to be standard for all of their personalised posters.

I have now bought a frame for it, so here you can see how it looks on the wall:

paper themes world map

When ordered, the poster comes rolled up and carefully wrapped in tissue, very nicely presented. I see these as being an ideal gift item for those who you want something a bit quirky and different.

Now we are just looking forward to filling in a few more countries on the map! 🙂

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