Brent Lodge Park

Brent Lodge Park in Hanwell is locally known as Bunny Park. We went for a day out recently as it is quite near to us and free to enter.

It’s a large park with animals to see, a playground for the children, a maze to explore, a cafe to buy ice cream and lots of greenery all around.

The animals we noticed first were the monkeys, and my younger two were especially interested in those. There are also exotic birds and some more animals that we didn’t have time to see like the bunnies and goats, and there is a reptile house with butterflies which I think you may have to pay a small amount to go in.

Then they were very eager to move onto the playground. There is quite a variety of equipment, not so much for very young toddlers as some of the equipment is a little high up to climb, but my littler ones were fine with some help.

brent lodge park

After the playground, we moved on to the maze which was probably my boys favourite thing. They had not been in a real maze before, but were very eager to try it out.

brent lodge park

It’s a great place to let the toddlers run around, and really fun for them following all the path ways around and chasing each other.
brent lodge park
When you reach the end there is a small tower with stairs, so you can go up and look out over the rest of the maze. There’s my oldest at the top, as he reached there before me!
brent lodge park

Here they are all, hiding underneath the tower. (It’s raised a bit off the ground)

Its a lovely free day out for anyone not too far away. You don’t feel as though you are in the middle of the city, you get a bit of a rural feel and an escape from the usual hustle and bustle of life and with all the different features like the maze and the animals, it is more exciting than just your average park.

There is a car park next door which is also free to use. Make sure you come out of the car park and turn left, to take you directly into the main area of the park. The first time we went, we entered from the car park itself but that is a really long way round to get to where most of the exciting bits are. There is another playground at that end, and if you have more time to take a stroll and explore, then it would be worth having a look around that side too.

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  1. That looks like a real treasure trove for a quiet afternoon. The Boy hasn’t been in a proper maze before and that one looks excellent.

    Nipping over from Country Kids at Coombe Mill.


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