Paper Plate Weather Craft

Learning about the weather is one of the classic early years topic for children. This simple craft helps them to look at the different weather each day. After making it, they can have fun changing it each morning to show the correct weather outside. All you need is a few simple materials.

simple paper plate craft to help children learn different types of weather

Supplies for your “What’s the weather?” Paper Plate Craft

  • 1 Paper plate (any colour is fine)
  • Foam or cardboard arrow
  • Blue tack
  • Foam weather shapes, drawings of different weather, or something to symbolise different types of weathers
  • Small piece of paper
  • Felt tip pen
  • Glue


How to make the paper plate weather craft

First, stick down the arrow into the middle of the paper plate. This is done with a piece of blu tack so that the arrow can easily be moved each day to show the different types of weather.

Next, stick down the various types of weather around the outside. You might like to include:

  • Sunny
  • Rainy
  • Cloudy
  • Snowy
  • Icy

like we did, or include any extras like windy, or even thunder and lightning.

The weathers need to be stuck down firmly and permanently, unlike the arrow, so for this we used the Bostik fine and wide glue pen (on the wide end) and stuck each of the types of weather around the rim of the paper plate.


To finish, we added a small label saying “Weather today” which was written on a separate paper and glued down, again using the Bostik fine and wide glue.

You can easily complete this craft in just five or ten minutes, or spend longer if your children want to carefully draw each type of weather themselves and then cut and stick those onto the plate.

Once you’re done, just adjust the arrow every day to show the new weather for that day. You could stick it up on the wall next to a weekly or monthly calendar too.


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