4 Easy Weekday Dinners the Kids Will Love

There are some of us out there who really enjoy cooking. At weekends they’ll go all out and construct a magnificent roast dinner with all the trimmings, on the morning of Shrove Tuesday they’re immediately whipping up the pancake batter, and love nothing more than throwing together an improvised chilli or curry on the fly.

But during the week it can be hard to love cooking. Especially when you’ve been at work all day and the kids are saying “I’m hungry” as soon as you get to the school gate. What you need is something you can prepare quickly and easily and still feel like you’re feeding your children nutritious food that will help them grow and feed a passion for healthy eating.

Here are four simple and tasty weekday dinners that you can even get your kids to help out with:

4 Easy Weekday Dinners Kids Will Love, simple and tasty ideas

Everything Burrito

The best thing about burritos is that there aren’t any strict rules on what you should put in them. There are dozens of variations, like meat, fish or veggie, and they all taste just as delicious. And for those times when you just can’t decide what to put inside your burrito, make it an Everything Burrito. Simply pop some fajita wraps in the oven to warm them up, chop up some tomatoes, peppers and lettuce, grate some cheese and fry up some chicken, mince or even sausages. You can then lay everything out on the table with some dips, ideally salsa and guacamole, and let everyone dive in and build their own little wrapped up parcel of paradise.

Jacket Potatoes

If the kids are really hungry and you need food quick, you can’t beat a quality jacket potato. Baking a potato is easy, but can take a while, so microwaveable ones are the easiest after school treat, click here to see how they can be prepared in less than five minutes.

Then you just need to choose a filling. The tried and tested favourites are baked beans, cheese, coleslaw and tuna. If you want to make it a bit fancier then a bit of feta and some salad works well. Or simply let the kids experiment!


It’s a best kept secret that you can make the perfect pizza at home. All you’ll need is some tomato puree and a pizza base, from there on you and the kids can create whatever masterpiece you desire! Grate some cheddar or slice up some mozzarella. Sprinkle on some sliced mushrooms, olives or anchovies. You can even use the toppings to make a series of family portraits. Either way, it’s both fun and easy – and it doesn’t create much in the way of mess either.


Get it? It’s because you eat it on Friday. Stir fry is great for kids because there’s almost no limit to the ingredients you can add. The vegetables stay crunchy, which means there’ll be no complaining about eating their greens. They can even help chop the vegetables if they’re old enough! Check out this straight forward recipe for a quick and easy one.

Now all you’ll have to worry about is who’s going to do the dishes…

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