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Junior Labyrinth is another fun game from Ravensburger, suitable for children from around 5-8 years old. My boys (4, 5 and 7) and I enjoyed this game, which requires some logical thinking and resulted in lots of giggles as the children managed to block each others paths or to outwit each other and reach the item they needed in the labyrinth.

Labyrinth game from Ravensburger

In the box, you get the board, the maze pieces, picture tokens and playing pieces for up to 4 players.

junior labyrinth gameTo play the game, you fill all the spaces on the board with maze cards – and you’ll see certain pictures on these which will match the tokens you pick up while playing. The aim of the game is to make your way through the maze and collect the token which you need at that time, but while you’re following the maze, the path can change at any time.

On each turn, the players push one card into the maze, which pushes all the pieces in that long one space along and nudges one maze piece off the board. This creates new pathways each time, which can mean that what was the perfect route a moment ago can turn into a dead end!

junior labyrinth gameSome of the cards are permanently fixed onto the board, which makes the over all maze more stable and means that the cards don’t go all over the place when sections of the maze are being switched around.

My boys quite quickly got the hang of the game, and I found that it was a good level for them all to play together – not too tricky for the younger players, but not too simple that my oldest would lose interest, especially since it does involve skill and logic. The game teaches cause and effect, and planning.

They also liked the themes of the pictures included, like treasure, knights, dragons, frogs and all kinds of cool things – which are drawn in a nice bright and colourful way and look cute and inviting.

Junior Labyrinth is available on Amazon for around 14.00 (current price) and there’s also the non Junior version of the game which we haven’t tried yet – but does look good if you’re playing with a group of children that are 7 and older.

We were sent the game in order to review

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