Painted Toast: Art That You Can Eat!

My kids love their toast! They love it plain with just butter, or with various toppings but we decided to make things even more interesting by painting our toast. You can do this activity by making some really simple edible paint at home, with only two ingredients.

How to make edible paint for your toast. This diy paint recipe is so quick and easy and the painted toast makes a fun snack for kids


We were sent a new toaster recently from Breville, which is a perfect fit for Warburtons toastie bread. This toaster has the deepest ever toast slots, meaning that it fits in the Warburtons bread perfectly and toasts all the way up to the top – giving you a bigger canvas to decorate on your toast! Our shiny new toaster is getting lots of use every day, and is a perfect team with the Warburtons toastie bread.

breville perfect fit for warburtons toasterSo to make our toastie bread into painted toast, first we had to make the edible paints. All you need is one small container per colour, some milk, some food colouring and a pack of paint brushes that have not previously been used with real paint.

Pour a bit of milk into each container and add a little food colouring to each one. Then mix until you’re happy with the colour. I used gel food colouring, and it was fine. Once you have your colours ready, and a nice blank canvas of bread – you’re ready to get creative with your toast! (add the paint to your bread before toasting though, not afterwards!)

how to make painted toastI called the kids over to paint their bread ready for toasting. R could not believe that painted bread would be safe to eat – but it totally is.

painting toastThey all had fun customising their own toast and adding the different colours.

painting toastOnce your bread is all painted, then just pop it into the toaster and you will get your painted toast! If you’re very particular about how you like your toast done, then use the “Lift and look” feature within the Breville toaster to check on the toast without disrupting its cycle.

painted toast fun colourful snack for kidsPainted toast works best on white bread, so that it will show up better. Warburtons Toastie bread is ideal for this, and is our favourite bread to use for toast – especially since we have the perfect toaster for it now!

If you want to decorate your toast but don’t have the time for a full on toast painting session, then this is a really yummy and fun way to decorate your toast too : Peanut Butter Sunshine Toast.

peanut butter sunshine toastI have made this for myself, as well as for the children – because why should kids be the only ones to get fun toast?! A nice slice of sunshine toast with a cup of tea can really make me smile.

To make this design, it is just peanut butter spread all over the toast and then use one slice of banana for the middle of the sun, and lots of half slices all the way round for the rays. Banana and peanut butter makes a really nice combination. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go!

There are so many other designs you could try with your toast, and having a fully toasted canvas without that “white stripe” at the top is a definite benefit of this toaster.

These are some more toast ideas that Breville shared with me:

Fun toast ideas for kidsHow would you decorate your toast? Share your ideas with me!

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