Camel Up Board Game Review

Camel Up is an award winning family game all about camel racing. This is another great game that we are reviewing via the Asmodee Blogger Board game club, and it has gone down very well with our kids.

In Camel Up, you race the camels around the dessert, making bets on which of the camels you think will win each round, and which will be the overall winner. Each time you bet correctly, you can gain gold and silver coins and at the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most money earned.

While racing, watch out for the crazy camels (the black and the white) who will pull your camels backwards if you land on top of them! This adds an element of suspense and unpredictability to the game, adding to the fun.

The board is beautifully designed, with the camel racing dice hidden inside the pyramid in the centre of the camel race track. You press the doorway of the pyramid, to release the dice from the bottom. Each camel has it’s own die in corresponding colours, to let you know how many spaces to move each one.

The game has a high amount of chance, and just a little strategy, so it’s an easy game to play with slightly younger family members. Our youngest player (7) managed to win on his first try, which is nice when it gives everyone a chance. The game is recommended for ages 8 and upwards, but we found 7 and upwards fine, and we all managed to grasp the rules and game play quickly. You can play with larger groups of up to 8 players, or just 2 players as a minimum.

The camel racing concept is lots of fun, and different to other games we’ve played. It’s an ideal game for our family age range of 7-10, and fun for parents to join in too. This is a great quality game, well designed and well made.

Camel Up is available from shops including Amazon for around £30 (current price)

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