Orion Early Readers: Mr Monkey and the Birthday Party

We have been really enjoying the Orion Early Reader series. These books are ideal for Mr Z age 5 years old, and Mr Monkey and the Birthday Party is no exception. This is a red level early reader, written by Linda Chapman and illustrated by Sam Hearn. The red level books are good for readers of around 5-6 years old who are really starting to gain confidence in reading, as they are more challenging than the blue level. This book has six chapters and 64 pages.

Orion Early Reader Mr Monkey and the Birthday Party

Mr Monkey and the Birthday Party is a story about the class stuffed toy, Mr Monkey. In the story, he is able to talk and help out with difficult situations when needed, due to some special magic. Mr Z has had stuffed toys come home from school for a weekend, as I’m sure many infant school children have so he was easily able to relate to the story.

Mr Monkey is sent home with Anya, the new girl in class two. Over the weekend, it’s going to be her classmate Rachel’s birthday party which will be a swimming party. Anya is so worried because the party will be in the big pool, not the baby pool – but she doesn’t know how to swim well! She worries about it all the way home, then Mr Monkey pops up and asks “Can I help?” – After getting over her surprise that the class monkey can talk, Anya works with Mr Monkey to find a great solution and is able to really enjoy the party. Mr Z found the story interesting and enjoyed the book. I think this story would appeal equally to boys or girls.

orion early reader mr monkey and the birthday party cover

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