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Mr Men & Little Miss are such classic characters. Since there are so many varieties of Mr Men & Little Miss, you’re sure to find one that suits your personality perfectly; and the books are just as brilliant today as they were when we were kids.

Mr Men & Little Miss have launched a new online store where you can buy all kinds of fun products, and even personalise them. I was keen to take a look and chose a couple of personalised presents for my younger two boys.


There are plenty of options to choose from, including lots of practical products that will be used daily like mugs, pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles and more!

I decided to get a Mr Strong pencil case for R, and a Mr Cool mug for T. I knew that these Mr Men characters are ones they would love to have on their things, and would love them even more with their own names on them!


The pencil cases are metal “pencil tin” style ones and are available in silver (like R’s) or in blue or pink. You can choose from many different Mr Men or Little Miss options including Mr Tickle, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Clever, and loads more. Each one is available for £12.00

R loves the pencil tin, and the good thing about having it personalised is that if he brings it into school it really can’t be mixed up with anyone else’s!


For T I got the Mr Cool mug for him to drink his milk in each evening. There are a few different mug options available on the site, from bone china mugs to coloured mugs but for T I went for the enamel mug which is a bit smaller, and a perfect size for a child. I would love one of the bigger coloured ones for myself though, as they look really nice!

The enamel mugs are 10 oz capacity and have a steel rim (so don’t put in the microwave!) As with the pencil tins, there are loads of Mr Men and Little Miss characters to choose from.

The enamel mugs are £15.00 each, and for the bigger coloured or bone china mugs it is £20.00 each.

For even more personalised Mr Men and Little Miss products, do check out the new store. You can see some more of the personalised options on the screen shot below, and there are also limited edition Mr Men prints available on the site too.

Check out the new Official Mr Men & Little Miss online shop here


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