How Many Storage Units Does Santa Need This Christmas?

If Santa is delivering so many toys to all of the children around the world, where on earth does he store it all? Maybe you’ve never thought about the logistics of Santa’s mission before, but Storebox have, and they did all the maths to go alongside the question too – to find out exactly how many storage units Santa would need while preparing for the big day!

Calculating that Santa delivers to 528 million children around the world, that is a LOT of presents even if they each only had one small present – but often presents tend to be quite large so Storebox worked out their average to be 1.7 square foot, as you can see in the infographic.. which works out to a LOT of space needed for all those lovely big gifts!

Take a look at the infographic to see all of their calculations and find out how they came to this conclusion.

Why not ask your kids too, to see if they have any idea how or where Santa stores all of the many presents for all of the kids around the world. Maybe they will have some unique or funny answers for you!


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