As a parent, I believe it’s important to be open with your kids whatever the topic. I’ve always strived to have a close relationship with my children where they feel comfortable to come to me with any worries or questions they have about any situation. I’d much rather that, than see them suffering in silence and being unsure where to turn to help.

I’ve always been a boy mum until now, but within the next week I’m due to have our first little girl so I’ll be entering into the world of mother-daughter relationships, which I’m sure brings lots of new joys and challenges!

With girls in particular, there are lots of personal issues that might need Mum’s help and advice, including intimate health. Canesten® believes that if you feel more comfortable with your own body you are more likely to reach your full potential. It’s always a parent’s desire to support their children to reach their full potential and help them become confident and educated individuals, feeling in control in all sorts of situations, and this should extend to intimate health too. This is why Canesten® wants to empower women to feel more comfortable, also when they discuss intimate health, including issues like thrush, with their children.

how and when to discuss intimate health with your daughter

When I was growing up, my mum also raised my sister and I to know that we could go to her with any problems, whether physical or emotional problems, or female issues like periods and hormonal ups and downs. Rather than having a big one off talk about these kind of problems, my mum preferred to casually leave the door open to conversations and naturally deal with any issues as they cropped up – in an age appropriate way. I’m planning to follow the same line of thinking, as this way is normally less awkward! What age do you think is right to start the conversation about intimate health? Let me know in the comments!


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Good luck!

This post has been supported by Canesten® but all thoughts are my own