New World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

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Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire is a brilliant day out for all ages. We’ve been a few times and always enjoyed it, but now it is even better because a brand new World of Dinosaurs has been added to the park!

The World of Dinosaurs is an impressive collection of over 30 animatronic moving and roaring dinosaurs, set in natural woodland surroundings. We were lucky enough to go and visit last weekend at the launch, and would definitely recommend it to families of all ages.

World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

The World of Dinosaurs is roughly half a mile long and includes:

Velociraptor, Iguanadon, Triceratops, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Oviraptor, Dilophosaurus, Pteranadon, Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, Plesiosaur, Pachycephalosaurus

Pteranodon World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Plesiosaur World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

The animation and effects of the dinosaurs is really impressive and realistic, and was a hit with our kids aged 1-9, and the adults in our family too! Each dinosaur comes with a fact board to tell you it’s name, era, and some interesting quick facts, which makes it quite educational too, and the adults amongst your party might learn something as well as the kids! We found it really interesting.

Oviraptor World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Some of the dinosaurs also have special features like the Dilophosaurus which spits “poison” out at you as you go past, which my boys loved!

Dilophosaurus World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Dino Dig

Once you’ve finished the trail around all of the animatronic dinosaurs, there’s a gift shop and cafe inside the World of Dinosaurs area, as well as a fun “Dino Dig” sandpit area. All of my kids really enjoyed this section too, as you can use tools to discover dinosaur bones underneath the sand, then use brushes to clean up the bones and skeleton to identify which type of bones you’ve found.

Dino Dig World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

This is a simple concept but really cool, and something that works well for a wide age range. The sandpit is pretty big so didn’t feel crowded although quite a few kids were digging in different parts of it, and there are plenty of buckets, spades and brushes to go around too.

dino dig at World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

dino dig sandpit World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

Dinosaur Meet and Greet

After we finished in the World of Dinosaurs, we went out to explore the rest of Paradise Wildlife Park. There is an impressive range of animals and play areas with plenty to fill the full day. Near to the play area and restaurant, there’s a stage which has character appearances and some shows throughout the day, and N was lucky enough to meet one of the dinosaurs there.

dino meet and greet at World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

The dinosaur is very realistic, but also very friendly so N wasn’t scared at all. The park ranger doing the meet and greet was very good, explaining to the kids that this is just a baby dinosaur so no need to be scared! I was also impressed that the queues for the meet and greets weren’t too long at all.

dino meet and greet

The World of Dinosaurs has lots of fun to offer, and is the biggest dinosaur attraction of it’s kind in the UK. It’s a must-visit if you have dinosaur enthusiasts in your family, as they will be talking about it for weeks afterwards!

World of Dinosaurs at Paradise Wildlife Park

The World of Dinosaurs is included in your normal entry ticket at Paradise Wildlife Park, making it great value as there is so much to do. To find out more about the animals and what else is available read our review of Paradise Wildlife Park from a couple of years ago. Our favourites are the big cats!

Visit to find out more about Paradise Wildlife Park and the World of Dinosaurs

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  1. This place looks amazing especially for little dino lovers. My kids would love it, in particular the meet & greet experience – how super cool to get up close and personal to these magnificent creatures!!!


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