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The Chad Valley Lion Hopper is a great toddler toy for indoor or outdoor play. N has used similar hoppers in Baby Sensory and our local Gym Tots class, so I knew that she enjoyed them and this Chad Valley lion version is a great way to have a similar bouncing toy at home for a really reasonable price.

The Lion hopper comes deflated in the box, but is really easy and quick to pump up with a hand or foot pump (not supplied, you’ll need to use whatever you have at home). Once inflated it looks really cute, and is the perfect size for toddlers to climb on and bounce to their heart’s content!

I found that N (15 months) is able to get on and off the lion herself, as the height is not too high. She is on the smaller size for her age, so even younger toddlers may well be able to manage this too and the lion hopper is recommended for any toddlers 12 months and upwards. With a maximum user weight of 25kg, it should last them to an average of around 3 years old.

Bouncing on the lion hopper is great for using up toddler energy, strengthening motor skills and balance. N also likes the lion features and enjoys pointing out the eyes, nose and mouth so I’m sure it will be fun for imaginary play too as she grows. It would be great fun to bounce around the jungle, or race a lion through a magical world!

The Lion hopper will also be great for outdoor play, where there’s even more room to bounce around. The material is durable and wipeable, so it should fare well outdoors but I would bring it in to store when not in use to make sure it stays at it’s best.

These hoppers, along with the Chad Valley Floating Ball Fun Zone would be perfect for toddler playdates in the garden over the summer!


The Chad Valley Lion Animal Hopper is available at Argos for £21.99, or as part of the 2 toys for £30 offer which is great value.

There’s also a Hippo version of the hopper available. If you have two children of a similar age, you could get one of each and have a race!

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