Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle Review

I always enjoy doing the 1000 piece puzzles. I find it really relaxing and a great way for a bit of down time. Even if you don’t get time to do many puzzles throughout the year, Christmas is often a good time to fit them in especially if you put your puzzle together as a joint effort with all the family!

We were sent a Christmassy puzzle from Ravensburger to review: The Christmas Cupboard by Colin Thompson 1000 Piece Puzzle

Ravensburger The Curiosity Cupboard Christmas puzzle

This is a detailed puzzle with loads of different areas to focus on, which can help make it a bit easier as there are plenty of different colours and textures to separate each area out. Each of the pieces are quite small, but all well made and sturdy as usual with Ravensburger


As with most of the puzzles, I found it easier to start at the edges and then fill in the rest gradually.


The full puzzle took around 3 days to finish, completing bits here and there as I had the time. If you’re a really experienced puzzler, or working together as a family you might finish it quicker – or you can take your time over the whole holiday season, especially if you have table room and are able to leave it out to complete at a leisurely pace.


The finished picture has loads of details to catch your eye, and plenty of different styles included too – with some old photographs, traditional pictures of Santa, old toys, cake, Christmas lights and decorations and more.

I enjoyed putting together the lights and decorations parts the most and the section I wasn’t as keen on is the creepy clowns in the bottom of the picture, as they might scare some children! Overall my kids enjoyed looking at the finished picture too though, and picking out different bits.


There are also other Curious Cupboards puzzles by Colin Thompson made by Ravensburger. This is the first one I’ve tried from that range but would definitely do others too, as I found they had a good level of difficulty – being manageable but still with plenty to keep your interest. I liked all of the book titles included in the background, with titles that offer festive greetings in different languages. There are also small purple characters sneaked into the picture doing various things.


You can order this Curious Cupboard Christmas puzzle from Amazon for current price of 10.90 (RRP 12.99)

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