Moving Day: Readers’ Suggestions for Making Things Easier

Will you be moving cross-country, overseas, or even just into a different neighborhood a few blocks away soon?

Whatever the case may be, you owe it to yourself to make the ordeal go as easy as possible.

After all, you’ve probably heard all those dreaded moving stories from family and friends.

The last thing you’ll want is an unpleasant experience of your own to share afterward.

Hence, use these suggestions from readers to ensure your move goes smoothly. 

Create a Moving Checklist

One of the first items people should do once they decide to move is to create a moving checklist.

There is plenty of chaos surrounding moves. Thus, it’s no wonder that individuals forget to do things from time to time.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you and write down every little task you have to do.

Marking them off as you go, and hopefully, you won’t forget to do anything like pack emergency kits, turn the power on at your new house, and cancel subscriptions. 

Decide What to Do With Your Car

Do you currently own a vehicle? What will you do with it upon moving?

Providing that the move is within the same country, you could always drive to the new destination.

You can even load the car up with belongings at the same time. Or how about selling the ride? That is an alternative too.

You can sell it from your existing location and buy a new vehicle once you get where you’re going. Car shipping is another way to get one or more vehicles from here to there. 

Schedule an auto transport with a reputable company, and let their people take care of the rest.

That will take some stress off your plate. Plus, you won’t be all sore and achy if you don’t have to sit in a car for days on end.

Of course, if the vehicle has to be moved overseas, you’ll definitely need a car shipper, as the car will have to be transported by boat or plane.

There are different ways to deal with cars when moving. So, decide what to do with yours before the big day comes and make your life easier.

Declutter and Downsize

Movers typically charge by load size or weight. Therefore, it is in your best interest to declutter and downsize while packing.

Firstly, discard broken items in the trash, or, better yet, take them to a recycling facility. 

In addition, get rid of belongings that are no longer of any use to you. One way to do that is by holding a garage or yard sale.

That solution will not only allow you to unload some things, but it will also put some cash in your pocket. 

Those who don’t wish to go through the hassle of organizing a sale and dealing with people can donate items to charity.

Some places will pick loads up from houses. Meanwhile, other organizations require individuals to drop the donations off at particular locations.

Downsize and declutter in a way that is appropriate for you and that should save you some money when moving.

Load Heavy Things Into Small Boxes

Loading large boxes with heavy things can be a recipe for disaster. That’s because if you aren’t careful, the bottom of the container could fall out, dropping stuff all over the ground.

There’s also the chance that something could land on your leg or foot during the episode, injuring it. So, pack heavy goods inside small boxes.

Then, you won’t fill them the boxes with any other items, and hopefully, your boxes will stay intact.

Not to mention, you probably won’t hurt your back, arms, or other body parts carrying lightweight cartons.

Locate Free Packing Supplies

Moving can get expensive, to say the very least. However, you might be able to locate free packing supplies to keep costs down.

For example, if you have friends or relatives that moved recently, ask them if they have any leftover boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, or packing peanuts.

There’s a good chance they’ll give you the items if they don’t need them anymore.

Additionally, people can also sometimes get boxes from stores or businesses. Hence, ask around and see what you can come up with to save.

Avoid Emptying Dresser Drawers

It can be tempting to empty dresser drawers into boxes, but if the drawers being full doesn’t make the furniture extremely heavy, why not leave them as-is?

That will take some work out of the packing process and make the move easier in general.

However, if you aren’t careful, the drawers could come open, causing the clothes, books, or whatever is inside them to fall out.

One way to keep that from happening is to secure the dresser itself with rolls of plastic wrap. Doing so will keep the drawers shut.

Label Boxes by Room

Unpacking can turn into a boring and arduous chore. Yet, it is a crucial part of settling into your new home.

One thing you can do to make unpacking easier is to label your boxes by room.

That will make it easy to determine where the containers need to be unloaded, which should significantly speed up the ordeal.

Some Final Thoughts

Use these tips to make your next move a breeze. Being smart about packing your belongings, finding free packing materials, and downsizing ensures that you minimize moving expenses. 

With all these tips, moving will be a piece of cake, regardless of where or how far you’re going.



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