5 Kinds Of Art Class You Can Attend Casually

Art is a fundamental aspect of human expression. It has been a part of human life for over 30,000 years.

If you want to get started as an artist, you’ll need to take some classes. Here are some you can attend casually in the UK. 

1. Life Drawing

Life drawing is the practice of drawing a human or animal model. Although commonly associated with the drawing of a nude human model, life drawing encompasses a great deal more variety than this.

Life drawing is a great way to start dealing with the complexity of depicting a living subject.

Companies like Nude Life offer classes online as well as in-person and deal with the hiring of both tutors and models. 

2. Still Life 

Still life art is any kind of drawing, painting, or sculpture that uses inanimate objects as a subject.

Still life drawing classes are always popular and often relatively cheap to attend.

Taking still life drawing classes can help the burgeoning artist develop the skills needed to express concepts later down the line. Tutors teach basic drawing techniques through the medium of still life.

Although still life drawing started off as an exercise to help artists develop their fundamental skills, it has evolved into a compelling art form of its own accord. 

3. Art History 

Art history classes used to be reserved for university students and private school attendees. This is no longer the case.

Several colleges and universities in the UK offer evening art history classes. Understanding the complex history of art is crucial to understanding art itself.

Art, society, politics, and the environment have mingled and interacted in a myriad of ways throughout the history of humankind.

P,A good beginner’s art history class will take in the evolution of artistic expression from the very first illustrative cave paintings to the most ambitious and abstracted contemporary projects.

After such an overview, you may wish to choose a special area of interest. 

4. Sculpture 

Sculpture is an immensely broad term when it comes to art, and you might struggle to find a beginner’s or casual class in sculpture as a whole.

However, what you will be able to find are casual classes teaching techniques related to stone and wood carving.

For stone carving classes, you should expect to pay a rather hefty fee. Starting out in sculpture can also mean experimenting with structures and ideas on your own terms. 

5. Ceramics 

Ceramic art has been created for thousands of years. There is no end to the expressive avenues that can be pursued using clay, polymers, and glaze.

Unfortunately, ceramics equipment is very expensive and tends to take up quite a large amount of space. Pottery wheels and kilns are particularly price prohibitive.

Luckily, there are plenty of ceramics workshops around the country that run classes.

Be careful, taking just one ceramics class could lead to a lifelong love of moulding and transforming the mailable elements of the earth.

London is currently experiencing a pottery boom. This has meant that workshops have begun offering classes in large numbers.

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