We’ve been trying out the new range of Blaze and the Monster Machines toys from Fisher Price, and one of the activities we used them with is this simple maths activity that focuses on measuring the distances the vehicles have travelled.

measuring vehicles and distances, fun hands on STEM activity inspired by Blaze and the Monster Machines

For this activity, we used the Blaze and the Monster Machines transforming turbo launcher which launches the smaller die cast Blaze vehicles, but we also tried it out with some of the other Blaze vehicle and if you don’t have these you could substitute any other vehicles you have to hand (although the launcher lets you experiment with different trajectories, which adds another element of fun and learning to the activity)

In addition to the vehicles and launcher, all you’ll need for this activity is:

  • Tape measure
  • Start and finish flags (optional but nice to include) and playdough to stand the flag up in.
  • Paper to note down the measurements for each vehicle

To extend the activity you could add a stop watch too, and measure the vehicles speed as well as the distance.

measuring vehicles distances

We set this activity up in our hall way so that we would have plenty of space for the cars to travel. Hard wood floors will work better than carpet for this activity.

This is a really fun way for children to practise working with measurements, and get comfortable with reading the tape measure. It will also get them thinking about speed and momentum and trajectory all in a fun way, just like watching the show Blaze and the Monster Machines introduces these type of concepts in a fun way.

measuring distances with cars

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