Blaze and the Monster Machine Toy Range from Fisher Price

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My kids enjoy watching Blaze and the Monster Machines on Nick Jr. It’s one of the shows I’m always happy to see them watch too, because it has a great educational focus and includes STEM learning in each of the episodes.

Now, there’s a great new Blaze and the Monster Machines toy range available from Fisher Price. We were sent the toy range to try out in time for the #NickJrBlaze twitter party today and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the toys.

fisher price blaze and the monster machine toys

The range includes a good mix of sizes for the vehicles, from the smaller die cast vehicles at 4.99 each, up to the big Transforming Blaze Jet at 19.99. All of them are really sturdy, made of strong good quality plastic, and seem hard wearing and tough which is important so the kids can race them, launch them and play actively with them without worrying.

fisher price blaze and the monster machines toys

First up, we have the Transforming Turbo Launcher at RRP 12.99. This set comes with a launcher and one die cast vehicle, and will work with any other of the die cast vehicles that you buy separately.

The launcher makes revving sound when you press the top and launches out the vehicle when you push down at the back. You can adjust the angle of the ramp to explore the change in trajectory, which is a great way to bring in some hands on physics while the kids play!

blaze launcher and vehicles

We also used the launcher in a fun maths measuring activity which I’ll share in another post soon!

The die cast Blaze vehicle that comes with this launcher is customisable, with two separate pieces that you can add to transform Blaze into a hang glider or a helicopter, which my boys love as they always enjoy giving their vehicles ‘upgrades’!

transforming blaze transforming blaze hangliderNext up is the Slam & Go Blaze. The Slam & Go vehicles are available for 9.99 and come in either Blaze, Crusher, or Stripes.

These cars are medium sized and work by pushing them down from the top to activate them. We were impressed with how far and fast these will go. They are really good for racing quite long distances!

blaze and the monster machines toys

Next up is the Transforming Blaze Jet, which is R’s favourite. This is a really big vehicle with plenty of sound effects. When you drive it flat, it’s a typical Blaze monster truck but when you lift it up or tip it forward then Blaze’s wings will automatically pop out turning it into a high flying speed jet.

blaze and the monster machines toys

Finally, we tried out the die cast vehicles. As I mentioned, these all work together with the launcher which is great.

blaze and the monster machines die cast vehicles

These are available in lots of different characters, so you can collect them all and they are a small size (although bigger than typical die cast cars) so handy to take out or when travelling.

Fans of the show will definitely enjoy this toy range. It’s ideal for kids around 2-6 since there are no small pieces and everything is quite chunky, so it’s accessible for little ones – but even my eldest was interested in these vehicles too. There’s lots you can do with them so they are a great versatile toy.

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