Me-time for you

 We all need some me-time sometimes, right? Unwinding from your busy schedule and just focusing on you for a moment. I think this is mandatory for staying healthy and being able to give yourself to others, because everything starts with yourself. Luckily, there’s a lot of things you can practice getting to yourself again, and today we will mention a few of those things.


Something that I feel is being overlooked a lot of times, is buying gifts for yourself. It might be something simple as a coffee mug or a plant or maybe even a toy like a dildo that you can get at Easytoys. It might be something bigger as well, for example a weekend away to a resort or a spa. Anything can work, as long as it makes you feel happy. 

A place for you alone

To start, it might be handy to create a place or space that is only for you. To do this, you could occupy a room that has a lock on it. This way, while being busy doing you, no one can barge in on you unprovoked. This might also loosen unconscious tension and let you relax just a little more.

Now, having a place for yourself is great, but to make it really yours, you might want to decorate it to your liking. What about buying some scented candles that let you feel calm? And maybe some soft pillows and blankets that you can sit / lay on? There’s really no going wrong when it comes to establishing your own space, so go all out on it!

Get going

Now that you have created your perfect safe space, the only thing left is practicing the hobby that you’d like to do. To start, you might want to lock out unwanted noise. This you can do by putting on music so that you can focus on you and you only.


A great way of unwinding is meditation. Meditating has a positive outcome on you in many ways, both physically and mentally. Meditation is focused solely on you and this might give you a truly relaxed feeling once done. It also is good for self reflection and setting / working on goals that you’ve set for yourself. Meditation is a good solution if you don’t have a lot of time for yourself, as most of the time meditation lasts between 15-30min. 


Something that is close to meditation, is yoga. In a form, yoga is its own meditation, and it has the same effect as meditating. One big difference though, is that with yoga you also use your body and get physical. With the many sorts of yoga, there’s always a form that fits you. For beginners, you can start with Hatha yoga, which can be seen as the basics for yoga. Do you want to get more physical? Then Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga. But don’t get limited by these three examples, as there’s a lot more forms out there!


Prefer to be more active? Then exercising might be perfect for you. There’s tons of ways to exercise, whether it’s in the gym, a run outside or at home with your own equipment. Exercising obviously is good for your body but might also really help to get your head empty and just focus on the exercise for the time being.


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