Making The Right Impression On Your Potential Landlord

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By Luciana Oliveira

Moving home is going to be a sizeable challenge, no matter the circumstances. However, for tenants that are moving into a new home run by a landlord, there are additional challenges. To make sure that you have a peaceful life without disturbance, making a good impression on said landlord can be key. Here are a few ways to do that.

Make your wants clear

Landlords are usually looking for tenants that fit specific needs for them. In a more student-driven area, this might mean people who are looking for temporary lodging. For families and private individuals, however, longer tenancies and reliable income are more important. As such, when talking to your local letting agency, make sure that they know your circumstances, including your budget and how long you might want to stay in the home. This information can be passed to the landlord, allowing them to confirm that you are the match for the home that they have been looking for.


Be punctual and presentable

Selling yourself a little to your landlord, or to whoever is running the property viewing, can be a big advantage. First of all, make sure that you turn up on time. Missing your time slot is a real possibility if you are late and, even if not, you don’t stand out very well if you show up late. Present yourself well, too. Dressing presentably (preferably smart casual) is a good idea. It gives the landlord the impression that since you take good care of yourself, you will do the same for the property.


Get reference ready

Your landlord is going to want to make sure that you’re a good tenant but they’re not just going to ask you. They’re going to look at references that you can provide, as well. There are ways that you can help with this process as shown in a tenant guide to referencing. For one, make sure you’re not misrepresenting yourself and pre-warn your referees that they’re likely to get a call from a landlord or their representative. It can make sure that they keep themselves available so that there are fewer delays in the process.


Have your finances in order

A tenant-landlord relationship is a financial commitment, of course. Having your finances demonstrably in order can be a bonus. Having the deposit ready to pay without delay is a decent sign, for one. However, landlords can pull soft credit checks to see how good your past history of paying the money that you owe is. For that reason, it’s a good idea to check your own credit report and score. You might find it has some negative marks that could be cleared up before the landlord checks it, such as erroneous records of defaults on loans that you could correct.


While you do want to make a good impression on the landlord to get into the home, don’t go bending over backward after you get the key. Make sure you know your rights as a tenant to ensure that they don’t start taking advantage.

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