Schleich Eldrador Dragon Review

Schleich figures are brilliant for realistic animal figures (like the watering hole set we reviewed recently) but they also have a range of fantasy figurines including the Eldrador dragons! Dragons are really popular with my kids and their friends, so this Eldrador range, which also contains castles and knights, has been a big hit with us.

There are three new dragons which have just been added to the range, and we were sent the Poacher Eldrador dragon figure, who swoops down at every foe with fearsome fire!

Each of the new Schleich Eldrador Dragon figures comes with a moveable part, whether that be the wings or the jaw. With Dragon poacher, his wings move so they can be folded in, like you see above, or opened out like you see below.

These little features are just an example of how the Schleich figures have such good attention to detail. They are handmade like all of the Schleich figures, and have vibrant colours to make each dragon stand out.

The moveable wings allow more flexibility for imaginative play. Both my five year old and seven year old boys play a lot with these dragon figures, making up battles and stories and they really enjoy them!


Here my son is playing with the Eldrador dragon together with another Schleich “Dragon Island” dragon, as all of the Schleich dragons mix and match together really well.

The other new Eldrador Dragons are: Ice Hunter and Night Hunter. Ice Hunter is a dazzling white and blue dragon, but be careful not to get too close and its breath will turn everything to ice! Meanwhile, Dragon Night Hunter is the most deadly of nocturnal predators!

Visit the Schleich site to find out more about this new range. Each Dragon is available for 14.99 each

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