Totem Infernal Power Game Review

Totem Infernal Power is a fun new challenge game from Character Toys, where you have to race to spin and stack all five spinning tops and watch them light up. The game is challenging and addictive, and great for family fun as you race each other to see who can complete the challenge fastest, or who can manage to stack more of the spinning tops.

The Totem Infernal Power game comes with five spinning tops, and one launcher. You need to use the launcher to charge up each top by spinning and twisting it, and then you can place each one on top of each other – but it’s harder than it sounds and takes concentration and skill!

The launcher is the grey piece which you can see above in R’s hand.

We still haven’t managed to master all five spinning tops, but we just about manage to get four at once… and we are still working on it. It’s one of those challenging games that gets you hooked in because you keep trying to improve your score, and it’s great for older children around my boys ages of 9, 11 and 12, because it’s a quick and easy game to jump in to without learning any rules, and that family fun factor of trying to beat each other is great for this age group.

Even my youngest was very tempted to have a go with the spinning tops too, although it’s realistically too hard for very young kids to succeed, she still had so much fun watching the rest of the family and feeling involved by having a little try.

Once you get 3 or 4 spinning, it looks really impressive as they are all lighting up with LED lights in different colours and spinning pretty fast. To activate the lights, you will need to add batteries just to the bottom spinning top, which then connects and activates all of the others.

Totem Infernal Power is available from Smyths and Argos, for just 9.99 and is a great way to spend some fun family time together at home, doing something a bit different.

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