Lesser-Known Things to do in UpState New York

New York state offers many popular attractions like hiking the Adirondack mountains, touring around New York City, and visiting all of the wineries and distilleries the state has to offer. Besides these main attractions, there’s many places that the average tourist isn’t aware of in upstate New York. Here are some new, hidden attractions in this wonderful state that are worth seeing and before you know it, you’ll be searching for Albany houses for sale to be a part of the adventures every day.

Old Forge Lake Cruises

The Bahamas and Hawaii aren’t the only destinations for a relaxing cruise. Old Forge, NY is nestled in the serene Adirondack mountains offering boat rides that take you on the old steamboat routes of the lake. Years ago, no roads were seen past Old Forge Lake, and the best way to tour the waters is still by boat, so make sure to bring your camera and listen closely as stories are told about the history of those that used to live there.

Newtown Battlefield State Park

This state park is known for its presence during the American Revolutionary War. The Battle of Newtown occurred on the grounds in 1779 between the Americans led by John Sullivan and the Iroquois Native Americans, who joined with the British. After the Americans won the battle, the landmark has been noted as an important piece of history in this town.

The peaceful woods and forests surrounding the state park are now growing where soldiers had lay, and a large white column of granite has been placed at the top of the hill to honor the battle and all of the lives that had been taken. 

Rochester’s Corn Hill

Rochester, NY is home to the oldest neighborhood where many patrons reside, Corn Hill. It respectfully holds its name from the Native Americans who simply grew corn here, and would have been visible by the surrounding Genesee River. When you visit this neighborhood, you will notice it is still preserved by its original colonial look and feel with its quaint and small charm. If you visit in July, Corn Hill holds an arts festival offering many unique exhibits and local history from the original settlers.

Grimes Glen

This hidden gem of three different waterfalls is located in Naples, NY and accompanies a serene 1-mile walk along the creek. The first waterfall is located on the left side of the gorge which you will see very quickly, called French Hill Falls. The second waterfall is 60 feet high and this is a perfect spot to sit and stop for lunch, as the last waterfall is a little more off the beaten path. For the adventurers up to the challenge, there are ropes and steep walls that will lead you to the third waterfall. 

Steps of Whiteface Mountain

This scenic adventure is not for the beginner explorer or faint of heart. These steps lead you to the Whiteface Mountain peak, and start off as steps then break to a hike up rocks to the top of the mountain. This hike doesn’t take much time at all and you can quickly see the stunning views of peaks and numerous lakes below. For those that just want to get to the view and skip the daunting stairs, there is an elevator that can safely get you to the peak.

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