Better Ways to Promote Your Business

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By Luciana Oliveira

Brand awareness is the first step to engaging your target audience and attracting customers, which is why it’s vital to promote your business. To maximise your success, however, you’ll want to find innovative ways to promote your brand and inspire your audience to act. With this in mind, take a look at these five better ways to promote your business now:


Verify Google Business Listings

Customers regularly research a business online, regardless of whether they’re going to visit it in person or engage online. Creating a Google Business Profile adds authenticity to your brand and creates trust between users and your company. However, don’t stop at creating a Google Business Profile; be sure to verify it too. This will enable you to optimise your listings and may even help you to rank more highly when users search for related products and services. 

Use Video Content

Video is fast becoming the most popular form of online content, which means it’s an important way to promote your business. While many companies assume that creating and producing video content is costly and time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. By using an animation studio, for example, you can have custom animated video content created from your brand. From product explainers and How-To guides to Q&As and storytelling, there are endless ways you can promote your business with video. 

Host Offline Events

If you’re a customer-facing business, hosting offline events can be a great way to reach your target audience and boost engagement. Whether you get involved with established community events or launch your own, you can generate a buzz around your business and increase brand awareness by creating an event schedule.


Launch an App

Businesses often use email and PPC ads to promote their brand but launching a brand can be even more effectively. While users can set spam filters or use advanced ad-blockers to avoid this type of marketing, a branded app enables you to reach the audience that are most likely to engage with you. 

This can optimise your conversion rate and increase the return on your investment as you promote your brand. Additionally, an app allows you to send instant notifications to users, which can inspire them to act and propel them through the sales funnel. 

Generate Customer Reviews

Word of mouth advertising has always been powerful, but the internet makes this form of marketing even more impactful. If you want to increase the number of positive reviews your business receives, be sure to incentivise customers. When you offer customers a discount or promo code for leaving a review, for example, your online ratings can soar. As a result, you’ll be more visible to users and increase brand awareness.

Why Business Promotion Matters

Many company owners focus on acquiring customers and increasing conversions, but they miss out on a critical stage of the journey: brand awareness. Without promotion, your target audience won’t know about your business and won’t, therefore, engage with you. By making business promotion a top priority, you can establish customer journeys and initiate successful marketing campaigns. 


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