Lego Memories

legomemoriesSome of my best childhood memories are of playing with Lego. We had a Lego castle set which originally belonged to my brothers –ย this one which is from 1984 two years before me and my sister were born!) and we also had a house set, which I think might be this one or very similar. It definitely had the little letterbox and letter! My mum had won the house for us in a caption writing competition. In those days it was a lot more effort to enter competitions having to send off loads of postcodes with answers on, but my mum still used to enter as much as she could!

All our Lego served us so well, we used to keep it all in a big wooden drawer under the bed and spend hours playing with it – either just me and my sister or together with our older brothers and our cousins. One of the best things about Lego is how it can appeal to any gender and age, so it is the perfect toy for playing together and sharing. In those days, the Lego sets were not seen as some for boys or some for girls.

littlegirl-lego-ad-1We never thought our castle was too boyish for us at all. We did used to make skirts for our lego men though by putting an extra triangle brick in between the top and the legs, like this:

legoskirtI couldn’t wait for my boys to be old enough to play with Lego (yes I admit, I want an excuse to play with it again myself of course!). Until recently they have been more at the level of Duplo or the slightly bigger bricks, which are still pretty great too but it was a really proud moment for me to see my eldest follow the instructions and make a Lego Batman vehicle out of the proper Lego Bricks!

IMG_9762My boys all absolutely love Legoland too. We are lucky enough to be only about half an hour away so they have been a few times. We first took the boys when Mr Z was only just turned 2 years, I wasn’t sure if he would be old enough to really experience the place but he got so much more out of it than I expected. He loved all the Lego trains in Miniland and all the play areas, and we went for his 5th birthday this year too (see the post here)

Now, there is a Lego Movie coming out. I have seen the trailer of this and it looks great – funny for both adults and children. I’m definitely planning to take the boys to see this!

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What do you think of the trailer? Why not share your Lego Memories with me in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Wow I can’t believe you have found those same exact sets online. Can you still get those old classic ones or only second hand? I used to love all the different house ones


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