New Tickety Toc Ranges

Tickety Toc have a lovely new range of toys and books out in time for Christmas, and the boys and I were lucky enough to be sent some of the new Tickety Toc products to try out and review.

tt2We have the:

  • Wooden Matching Pair Puzzles
  • “Mystery Time” Board Book
  • “Birthday Time” Sticker Activity fun book

First Mr R wanted to try out the matching puzzles. He is 2 years old and these were right for his stage as they are nice and simple. They are great for colour matching and for practising the skills of putting two puzzle pieces together. He enjoyed spotting and pointing at all the characters while he was playing.

new tickety toc matching puzzlesThese puzzles are made from real solid wood, which I find great. Knowing that they will be used by younger toddlers its such an improvement on the regular cardboard material you get with puzzles, as I do find younger ones try to put the pieces in their mouth from time to time and these will withstand that much better. They also can’t be ripped or torn at all and should last for years! The pieces have a really nice and chunky feel to them, and the colours are really bright and appealing.

tt6The Tickety Toc matching puzzles are available from Amazon at £6.99

Next, Mr R moved on to the books. “Mystery Time” is perfect for his age with thick board pages so like the wooden puzzles, it’s pretty indestructible so he is able to look through it himself and enjoy the pictures.

mystery time tickety toc bookThe story is a simple mystery all about missing food in Tickety Town. Tommy and Tallulah go around from character to character finding out that even more food has been taken. They wonder who could be responsible and they manage to solve the mystery just in time for Chime Time! The story is just at the right level for a 2 or 3 year old. It is not too long so it’s able to keep their attention, but it is not too babyish either.  At the end there are some questions for your child to answer, to see if they can remember the details from the story and also some objects to find within the pictures of the book.

new tickety toc booksWe were also sent the Birthday Time Sticker Activity fun book. This is a bit too advanced for Mr R just yet but ideal for ideal for Mr T and Mr Z’s age, at nearly 4, and 5 years old. It would be fine from 3 years+ with a bit of help from an adult to read some of the instructions.

tickety toc birthday timeThe activity book has plenty of variety in it from dot to dot, to colouring, quizzes, a game, and press out activities to make a birthday card and gift box. It also has over 50 stickers, which is a double spread full of stickers. These are bright and colourful featuring the main characters and some party accessories like presents and party hats, as well as some word stickers.

The books are published by Igloo books and are available for £4.99 from all good bookshops (including Amazon)

As well as the new books and puzzles, there are also Tickety Toc Pjs now available at Mothercare, which are really cute!

New Tickety Toc Range

If your little one is a big fan of Tickety Toc make sure you don’t miss the special Christmas episode of Tickety Toc which is going to premiere on Sat November 30th at 12:30pm on Nick Junior. There will also be an after show Twitter Party at 13:00-14:00 on the same day. Follow @ticketytocuk to take part.

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  1. Love the look of these. Think my son would have lots of fun with the puzzle & he would look super cute in the Tommy pj’s. I didn’t know they were out, but now I do they might have to go in his Christmas stocking 🙂


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