10 Super Easy Last Minute Christmas Tips

There are some people who have all their Christmas gifts wrapped and prepared by the end of September, and have everything done and dusted super early, but if you’re like me and most of the mums I know then you probably still have loads to do at the last minute!

Check out TSB’s Christmas tips guide for some quick and easy inspiration to help you get everything under control, ready to relax and enjoy your festive season. I’ve put together a list of my own too, of all of the best Christmas tips and hacks that I’ve stumbled across this year.

10 super easy last minute christmas tips and hacks for parents to get organised for the holidays

Personalise your gift wrapping

Using kids drawings is a super easy way to personalise your wrapping, while saving money at the same time. These gifts look adorable too, since kids drawings have such a cute quality to them!

Co-ordinate gift wrap by recipient

Another simple yet genius idea, is to wrap each person’s gifts in a different design of paper like this grandma so that if any of the tags come off, you’ll still know which parcel belongs to which person – saving possible confusion on Christmas morning.

wrapping paper hack for christmas

Or use family photos to label

This makes it easy for little ones to help with handing out presents to the family – no reading skills required!

gift wrapping hack, use photos to identify

Via: bhg.com

Manage the mess on Christmas morning

Save having wrapping paper strewn everywhere, or having a trash bag in your family photos, by wrapping up a couple of cardboard boxes to contain all the packaging as presents are unwrapped

christmas life hack to deal with the mess of wrapping paper

Via: Chicaandjo.com

Put the batteries in before wrapping

Snipping away all of the packaging and grabbing a screw driver to put batteries into zillions of toys is not the most relaxing part of gift opening, especially if you have over excited kids jumping around eager to get playing with their new toy RIGHT NOW, so save yourself the stress by opening the boxes, cutting the ties, and inserting the batteries – then place them back inside and wrap.

Christmas Tree Brownies

This recipe couldn’t be any easier to make and decorate, yet the results look like a lot of effort has been put in. That’s got to be a win-win when you’re rushing around in these last few days before Christmas!

Get the full tutorial here

easy christmas tree brownies

Gingerbread House Dinosaur

Or if you need a solution to failed baking attempts, I saw this idea to add a dinosaur to your broken gingerbread house to give the destruction some context!

if your gingerbread house fails, add a dinosaur

Rudolph Cake

A red bauble nose, and a couple of antlers will turn a regular chocolate cake into a fantastic Rudolph! You could bake from scratch, or if you’re short on time just add details to customise a shop bought chocolate cake. This may go down better with the kids than traditional fruity or boozy christmas cakes (my kids don’t love raisins, but do love Chocolate – I’m sure they’re not the only ones)

Get the recipe and full tutorial here

reindeer christmas cake idea

Time your Christmas dinner

Avoid the last minute panic by starting now, and getting some things done ahead of time. Check out our post with a step by step guide to cooking times

Give your home the festive scent

Forgot to buy festive candles? No problem, you can create your own festive scent by simmering a few choice ingredients in water on the stove. This also works if you want to recreate that “christmas tree smell” when you have an artificial tree. There are lots of different simple recipes online for this, but I think this one looks great.

give your home a christmas scent by simmering on the stove

I hope these ideas help. Wishing you all a happy and relaxed holiday season!

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