We recently reviewed Junior Labyrinth from Ravensburger and have really enjoyed playing this game (click through the game title to read our full review), and now we have a version of the original (non Junior) Labyrinth game to give away to one lucky In The Playroom reader. This will be perfect for family game nights especially in these dark winter evenings.

labyrinth game from Ravensburger

Find the shortest route through the Amazing Labyrinth and you’ll be the victor. This game is designed for 2-4 players aged seven years and above and the aim is to reach all your allocated treasures and targets using the shortest possible route through the Labyrinth and to be the first back to the start point. But there’s a twist; the structure of the Labyrinth can change at any time as players manipulate the course to either make a path easier for themselves, or block that of an opponent. The board appears partly complete with fixed pieces of the Labyrinth. 

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Labyrinth Giveaway

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