Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Kenilworth Castle. It was the first time we had been. There was actually an event happening on the day, which we didn’t know until we got there! So as well as exploring the castle we could see people dressed up in the medieval costumes and doing some displays and shows.

Kenilworth castle is a ruined castle not an in tact castle, which we prefer really as it’s more fun for the kids to run around freely and explore. Kenilworth castle is pretty large and seemed to be bigger than most of the other castle ruins we have seen so far. There are also some gardens to explore with beautiful flowers. I’ll share photos of these in a separate post.

The boys all love castles and we had a great family day out here.

kenilworth castle

You can see me down there at the bottom!

kenilworth castle


There are lots of different sections to explore and you could really spend a full day here especially with a special event on. We only arrived in the afternoon so didn’t get chance to watch as much of the shows as we otherwise would have, as the boys really wanted to look around and see as much of the castle as possible.

kenilworth castle


kenilworth castle

kenilworth castle


Places like this are the perfect day out for kids with lots of energy to use up. You get fresh air, lots of open spaces, and plenty of climbing.

kenilworth castle


This is an English Heritage property. We really should think about getting membership as we do visit their sites a lot, but because we also go to National Trust and sometimes even pop over to Wales and go to Cadw sites we are not sure what membership to get, as getting membership to everything would add up. If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this please do let me know in the comments!

The boys all enjoyed having ice cream from the ice cream van here. This site does seem to have more amenities and be busier than other ruins we have been to which are pretty quiet, so Kenilworth castle definitely had more of a full day out feel.

Then the boys ended their day by rolling down the hills before it was time to go back home!

kenilworth castle


kenilworth castle


Lots of fun!

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