Easy Summer Craft – Collage Flag

Mr T and I wanted to do a simple and easy summer craft. All of my boys enjoy cutting and sticking so we decided to cut up some summer and beach themed pictures from a spare catalogue and use these to make a summer collage. Mr T decided to make his collage into a flag, because he really likes flags!

Make a simple collage flag craft - this is a super easy summer craft, and pretty mess free

A lot of the Spring Summer clothing catalogues have done their photoshoots on the beach, or you can use a suitable magazine or even old book pages if you have something that has been damaged and is no longer needed.


We cut out lots of different seaside themed pictures. Cutting is a great fine motor skills exercise for little ones. Then Mr T selected a blue paper for his background. That’s his favourite colour which luckily matches very nicely with the sea theme. We used Bostik Blu Stick. The great thing about this glue is that it goes on blue so it is very visible for your child to see exactly where they have applied glue and where they need to add a little more.

 summer collage
bostik blue glue stick


Mr T loved this simple activity of cutting and sticking, it’s something he can do independently with me just watching and chatting to him about the pictures so he felt very proud of his collage flag which was all his own work.




Look at him concentrating! These simple activities are great to help build concentration and as this is a quick craft it’s suitable for kids like Mr T who don’t have the longest attention span. He stayed happily with the activity until he had covered the full page.



He then wanted to make his collage into a flag so we taped a pipe cleaner to the back of the page to make the mast part of the flag. You can get proper flag sticks, but we just improvised with what was to hand!



The whole craft is very easy, mess free and Mr T completed this in about 20 minutes. He was very happy with his summer flag!




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  1. Love this!! My kids are too young (my oldest is 20 months but going through an “I don’t like mess on my hands phase”!) I really hope they grow up to be crafty. I learnt so many crafty things from my mum that i would love to pass on!x


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