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Jumbo Games have brought out a fun new game that’s sure to be a hit with Disney-loving families this Christmas! Disney Guess the Film game is a great way to test your Disney knowledge, and keep all ages entertained.

The game involves rolling a coloured dice to find out which square of the picture you’re allowed to uncover. Piece by piece you uncover it until you’re able to guess which Disney movie the scene is from. Some of the scenes are easier, while some are much more tricky and will give the dedicated Disney fans a run for their money.

I was really glad that there is very little putting together needed for the game. It was pretty much ready to go straight out of the box, and therefore it’s much more sturdy compared to some “guess who” style games that I have had and had to assemble myself. The quality feels good, and the game will withstand plenty of play without any frustrating breakages. As you can see there’s a fun Mickey Mouse theme for the squares of the board, and the colours of Mickey match up to the colours on the dice, letting you know which ones you can choose to open.

The Disney movie scenes included range from the older classic Disney movies up to the more recent, and include Disney Pixar movies as well. The difficulty levels are shown by the colour on the top of the picture card, so if you wanted you could use only the hard or only the easy – or as we did, just mix it up and take your chances!

I am a big Disney lover, so I was really looking forward to playing this game with the kids, and we all enjoyed it. It was a good fit for their ages (6, 7 and 9) and it was challenging enough to keep them interested. There are 100 film images included, which is plenty to keep the game going for a long time without using them all up in one game.

We really enjoyed the concept of the game, and I felt it’s pretty different to any other board games we already have at home (including other Disney themed games we already have).

I would recommend this game to any family who are Disney fans, as a really nice way to enjoy quality family time together playing and challenging yourselves.

Disney Guess the Film game is available from retailers including Tesco, or Amazon

We were sent the game in order to review. Affiliate link included

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