Tassimo Caddy Machine Review

The time had come for us to upgrade our coffee machine, so it was perfect timing for me to have the chance to review the Tassimo caddy. This is a pod coffee machine, made by Bosch, and I’m really loving it so far.

The Tassimo caddy machine is so easy to use, makes great tasting coffee with lots of varieties available, and looks sleek in my kitchen – so it ticks all of the boxes. Another extra handy feature with the caddy machine is that it has storage caddys on the side (hence the name) allowing you to keep your pods to hand at all times, in a neat and tidy way, and save on cupboard space. This is a really clever idea!

You can see the full range of Tassimo coffee machines available on the Tassimo website. The model we were sent is the Tassimo Caddy T70 which comes with two of the side caddys, and retails for 149.99

Using this coffee machine is really intuitive, first make sure you have filled the water tank (Really easy to get in and out, and water levels clearly marked) then you just open the top and add the capsule (or capsules, depending on the drink. One at a time, and order is clearly labelled on the pods), and “press play”, then everything is done for you. You don’t have to remember to manually stop the milk or coffee, which I used to have to do on my old non Tassimo coffee machine, so you always get the exact right amount each time and there’s no spillages if you get distracted while making the coffee.

Tassimo coffee is used in Costa, which is a great endorsement for me as I always favour Costa over the other high street coffee chains. We’ve enjoyed the taste of all of the Tassimo capsules we’ve tried so far,  with our go to ones being the latte or cappucinos but the caramel macchiato is amazing if you want a treat, and americano has been a hit with visitors to our house. My boys were very happy that you can get hot chocolate pods too, which they really enjoyed having.

As a Bosch machine, you can really feel that the quality and build of the machine is really sturdy and feels well made, so I’m expecting it to last.

If you’re looking for a high quality pod coffee machine, I would definitely recommend this model.

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