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LeapTV from LeapFrog is a new kids console that is perfect for younger children. The boys have been playing this for a few weeks now and we are all really impressed with it. The kids love it since they enjoy the games and it’s easy for them to operate, and I love it since I see learning included in the games and LeapFrog is a brand that I trust to give the games some educational value as well as fun, and I know that the content will be very age appropriate even for my younger children.


The actual LeapTV console is pretty small compared to others, so it really easy to find space for it in the playroom. You can see the LeapTV console to the side of the TV above and the LeapTV camera in front of the TV. This is used for motion controller games, or when using the controller as a pointer.

The LeapTV was pretty easy to set up, and once installed it’s easy for the children to operate. All three of my boys (3, 5 and 6) quickly became very confident with using it.

leaptv controllerThe LeapPad comes with a 2 in 1 controller that transforms from a 2 handed controller as you can see above into a long pointer with a light that can be used along with the LeapTV camera. The controller has a wrist strap to make sure that the children have a firm grip on it and won’t drop the controller while playing.

If you need an extra controller you can buy these separately, which will allow children to play multiplayer on some games.

LeapTV comes with the Pet Pad Party game, which includes lots of activities with the cute and customisable pets. If you have other LeapPad devices you will be familiar with Pet Pad Party but the games are slightly different on each device so that there is something new for the children to do. They enjoyed playing with the various games on Pet Pad Party from racing, to motion activated games.

LeapFrog Pet Pad PartyWe were also sent the Ultimate Spiderman Sinister Six Showdown game which is Mr R’s favourite. He had been hoping for a spiderman game for a while and this one really suitable for his age (he is 3, the game is suitable for about 3-7 years). It allows children to play as Spiderman, climbing up walls and jumping, beating bad guys but also answering a few sneaky literacy quiz questions along the way! The game uses both the controller and the pointer modes to add variety, and has moments that make the kids laugh like when Spiderman starts dancing or with some of the silly things that baddies like Rhino say.

I’m really impressed with the LeapTV and can see it continuing to get lots of use from the children. Mr Z (6) also loves playing the games on it, so it seems to span the age ranges really well.

It’s just been Mr T’s birthday (5 years old) so I got him a couple of extra games for the LeapTV which are the Kart Racing and the Jake and the Neverland Pirate games and I’m sure we will add a few more to our collection in future. Each game works on different skills, for example the Kart Racing focuses more on numeracy whereas Spiderman concentrates more on reading and letters.

We also need to explore some of the motion activated and sporty games that seem like a great idea for the kids. Pet Pad Party does include elements of this, and the children have had fun jumping around playing but you can also buy sports games and dance games which will be great for keeping them active indoors over the winter.

I would definitely recommend LeapTV. It’s an ideal games console for younger children with a great balance of learning, fun and keeping active. It is very reasonably priced with an RRP of 119 but it’s currently on sale for 59.99 on Amazon (price may fluctuate, correct at time of publishing)

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