Investing in Your Children’s Future

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By Luciana Oliveira

Investing in your children’s future isn’t just about paying money into a savings account.

There are other ways to think about their future while they are still young and prepare them for later in life.

Passing on valuables

Valuable items, such as jewellery can be passed on to your child when they’re older.

By doing so, these develop sentimental value, and although it may seem a long way off, your child might pass them onto their own children someday.

Although, you will want to ensure these pieces will stand the test of time. By choosing Chisholm Hunter for elegant pearl necklaces and other timeless pieces, you can be confident these will look amazing decades from now.

You can also wear your pearl jewellery now and feel stylish whenever you want.


Education doesn’t have to be boring and if you excel at particular subjects, it can give your children a head start if you share your knowledge with them.

Taking them for days out to history museums can capture their interest better than reading history books in a classroom. Or visiting zoos, farms or wildlife parks can help your children develop an interest in animals.

The more fun you can make educational activities, the less your children will feel like learning is a chore.

If this fuels an interest in a specific career, they’ll already have a head start, because it will feel like less work to study and gain qualifications in subjects they feel passionate about.


Travelling and seeing places around the world can inspire a better understanding of geography and local cultures than learning about them at school can.

Travel also has a range of benefits, including expanding their experiences and showing them there’s more to the world than what is on their doorstep.

When they grow up, they might decide to pursue opportunities abroad. By showing them other parts of the world, you make them more adaptable to changes in location, and the many positive differences between people.

Life skills

Whatever your child wants to do later in their life, it helps to have basic life skills.

By teaching them how to cook, budget money, look for bargains, fill in applications and carry out simple tasks around the house, they should be more prepared for living alone.

Of course, what you teach your children depends on their age and level of maturity, and you should always supervise them when teaching them anything which could be dangerous.

However, by teaching them life skills before they leave home, you will feel more at ease watching them go, and they can be self-reliant.

For example, knowing how to cook healthy meals means they won’t rely on junk food.

Or knowing how to budget allows them to take care of themselves and their own family when they have one. Investing for kids is another topic you can educate your child about.

Thinking about your children’s future doesn’t have to be scary for you or them. A lot of the preparation can be fun.

By preparing them now, you’ll know you’ve done what you can and it will be easier to let them lead their own lives when the time comes.

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