Tips For When You Take The Little Ones Swimming

One of my daughter’s favourite activities is being in water. She always loved swimming, bath time and the beach. Swimming is not always a fun activity but also extremely important for the little ones.

Whenever I have a chance I take her swimming and in this post I will share with you my must haves when preparing that swimming bag.

Getting your bag ready to take the kids swimming can become quite overwhelming.

Recently my daughter isn’t taking swimming lessons but I often take her for a swim anyway so she doesn’t forget what she learned.

I have a bag designated for swimming and whenever we need to go the bag is pretty much ready to go. I just need to add a few items and set off.

Here I am going to share with you some essentials and some tips to make your life a little easier.


I know this one is very obvious but my main point is make sure that they are warm enough and that they can move comfortably in it.

There is nothing more annoying that uncomfortable swimwear and depending on your kids age they will not be able to tell you.

I normally buy the next size up and I always prefer the ones with long sleeves to give them more coverage.


This one is tricky. The normal towels were a bit of a nightmare. They would drag on the floor and get soaking wet.

That is when I discovered a children’s towelling poncho. These were literal life savers. I love these ponchos so much I have them for bath time as well.

Bridie & Bert is an English brand and their gorgeous collection of beach and swimming cover ups and luxurious, double sided towels are perfect for the unpredictable British weather and ideal for warmer days at home and abroad.

Their beautiful range of cover ups include towelling robes and dresses, and all provide SPF protection. You can also personalise your favourite item by adding your choice of embroidered initials or a name.

Once your children are out of the water you want to get them warm and dry as soon as possible, and these are fantastic for that!

Once the swimming fun is over you can throw this poncho over them, they are the perfect length and keeps them dry and warm. It is so practical.

What also helps me is packing clothes that are easy to put on and keeps them warm like a nice onesie.


This one took me a minute to find. There are so many options and I struggled to find an option that she felt comfortable wearing and was easy enough for her to adjust herself.

I don’t think there is an easy way with goggles. You will have to try a few models and see which one suits you kid better.

Also make sure they are not too tight but also seal proper around the eyes to keep the water out.

My only tip is stick to the well known brands when it comes to goggles because you want them to be sturdy and to last.


My daughter loves taking diving toys to the pool. We have this shark shaped toys that sink to the bottom of the pool.

She really enjoys pushing her own limits and trying to dive and get the toys. Floating toys are also great fun!


Because of my daughter’s long hair I have to wash and condition her hair immediately after a swimming session to avoid dryness and tangling.

Make sure to pack shampoo, conditioner, brush, body wash and whatever other toiletries you may need.


This one is another must. Once you change into your swimming gear you will have to leave your shoes in a locker.

Nothing more uncomfortable that walking around a public pool barefoot so sliders will save your life.

I hope this brief guide helps you getting ready for your next swimming session with the kids!

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