Improving lighting in the office can increase productivity

As someone that worked in an office for decades I have to say how important it is to have the right atmosphere and how it affects productivity so when Inui LED Light approached us I was very excited. When we think about a comfortable office most people will think furniture, chairs, desks etc. Not many people think about lighting and how it affects your mood and even concentration.

The last office I worked in I was actually in charge of these little details that are not exactly little. People normally overlook how important the ambiance and atmosphere created affect not only the people working but also the impact it has on visitors. I was always very attentive to details, from plants and cleanliness to lighting. It was not only my job to make sure the office was running smoothly and everybody was happy but also cost. We all know by now that LED lighting is more cost efficient compared to traditional bulbs. They last longer and use less power and will also keep the office at a cool temperature. They also emit less CO2 which is great for the environment.

But one of the best benefits of LED lights in my opinion is how they successfully replicate natural lighting. Natural lighting is what regulates your internal body clock so making sure your office has the right lighting will increase productivity and keep energy high. There are studies that show that being exposed to high levels of light can help address sleep deprivation, agitation and depression also known as SAD, which affects 1 in 5 people in the UK. LED lights give a bit more autonomy to office workers so they can control their ambiance accordingly to what they are more comfortable with, which will also improve productivity and reduce stress.

LED panels are not only great for office workers but also for their employers as it helps reduce electricity costs and also by lowering costs with maintenance in the long run. Go check INUI’s website to see their range of products in more detail and the incredible companies they work with. If you are looking for quality and reputation INUI is the company to go for LED lights. They also travel the entire country and internationally installing their products and their prices are unbeatable.

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