How To Spruce Up Your Living Space With Fresh Flowers

Are your living spaces starting to look uninspiring? Can’t remember the last time you updated the décor? Or the last time you felt excited to spend time at your haven? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, it’s about time that you add fresh flowers that will brighten up your abode.  


Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, decorating with fresh flowers comes with several health benefits. For instance, indoor fresh flowers can help reduce feelings of fatigue and anxiety, uplifting your mood. They can also remove pollutants, boosting your home’s indoor air quality.  


Maximise all of the benefits fresh flowers offer by using them to design your living spaces. Here’s how you can do it: 


  • Pick Out Colours Present In The Room 

When it comes to home décor, remember that less is always more. You don’t need to add a lot of things to make a room look and feel new. Adding too many items will only make your space cluttered and tacky. 


The same works when adorning the space with fresh flowers. Refrain from using too many varieties or colours in a room. Instead, choose a colour that you’d want to highlight and look for flowers that complement that shade. For example, if you have a purple sofa in your living room, use a vase of salvias, clematis, or teasel as your centrepiece. 


To access a wide variety of fresh flowers for redecorating your dwelling, search for companies that offer services, such as flower delivery in DC, or others in your area and have your favourite blooms sent to your doorstep.  


When you match fresh flowers with the hues present in the room, you can easily create a more polished and cohesive look. This will also prevent you from going overboard while styling your space.  


  • Pay Attention To Your Walls 

Painting your walls in the same colour is a safe decorating choice, but over time, plain walls can look unappealing and set a negative tone for the space. This is likely to happen if the room doesn’t have any kind of style to break the monotony of colours.  


Modify monochromatic rooms by using fresh flowers. You can install a wall shelf and then fill it with vases of different blossoms.  


You can also add a more striking look to your walls by making a flower garland or wreath. This is a unique décor that will surely make your living spaces beautiful. 


  • Play With Vases 

Some people are hesitant to decorate their living spaces with fresh flowers because it might be expensive, especially when it comes to using vases. Some vases are costly, but you don’t have to buy any to revamp your residence. 


Spruce up your living spaces by taking advantage of unique items around your home. Some of the most creative items you can use as vases are mason jars, tin cans, and porcelain jugs. You can even create vases by recycling old plastic spoons, perfume bottles, pairs of boots, and tetra packs—your options are endless! 


Playing around with vases is a great way to design your living spaces even when you’re on a budget. And because you can personalise these vases in any way you want, you can reflect your personality in your abode. 



  • Maximise Flower Heads 

When you arrange fresh flowers at home, some flower heads might break free from the bouquet and fall to the ground. Instead of immediately throwing them away, utilise flower heads as part of your décor. You’ll be surprised how flower heads can transform your living spaces. 


Simply collect several flower heads and then place them in a clear glass or vase filled with water. Submerging the flower heads in water will highlight their colours, perfect for adding life to dark corners and empty windowsills and countertops.  


  • Use Single Stem Blooms 

Sprucing up your living spaces doesn’t mean you’ll have to study countless varieties of flowers or spend time figuring out which arrangements work well together. You can actually improve the ambience of your place by using single stem blooms.  


If you’re going for a minimalist design, add a single twig of flower in a clear vase and use it to style your home. You can set this as a centrepiece in your dining and living rooms. You can even group single stem flowers together in individual vases and then put them on your mantle to create a focal point.  


Don’t Overwhelm Yourself; Pick One Project At A Time  

To have fun redecorating your living spaces with fresh flowers, focus on completing one tip from this article before moving on to the next. Avoid doing too many things at once, as this will only cause stress and likely end up as an unfinished project.  


3 thoughts on “How To Spruce Up Your Living Space With Fresh Flowers”

  1. Amazing guys perfect information and tips for those who want to make their living space more attractive with flowers, really like the tip for collecting the head of the flower and use as part of the decor. Thank you so much looking forward to sharing this information with my friends.

  2. Love the idea of sprucing up a space with single stems! Never actually thought about it before. Actually quite a cute and pleasant idea.

    I absolutely love having fresh flowers in – it really boosts my mental wellbeing.

    Definitely need to get myself some plants, too. Just need to make sure I get pet-safe ones!


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