How to give your home a budget makeover

f walking around your home makes you yearn to start some DIY, make sure you know about the most cost- and impact-effective options. It can be easy to spend your whole budget on just one new accessory, but if you know how to shop savvily and can turn your hand to some simple tasks, your whole home could feel brand new.

Avoid a dining room disaster

Tired dining furniture ages a space instantly, but simply swapping out one element, such as the dining room chairs, will make an enormous difference. You don’t even need to choose the most expensive or perfectly matched set that you find. If you like more than one range, why not select a pair from each, creating a personal and unique dining room chairs display? Eclectic design never goes out of style.

Paint just one wall

Painting always seems such an easy task, but when you take into account all the prep, the multiple coats and having to move everything out of the room first, it becomes more of a mission. Get the same effect with significantly less hassle by choosing a bold feature wall colour. Your living room is great for this, as one wall painted in a contrasting colour to the rest will stand out and make a huge change to the entire space. Guests won’t be able to tell you what colour they think the room used to be!

Use what you’ve got

If you’ve got plenty of pictures, posters and meaningful photographs laying around, now’s the time to get them properly framed and up on a wall. Creating a personal and arty gallery wall anywhere in your home gives it an instant lift, but the hallway works especially well. All that under-utilised wall space is ideal for some memories and a little culture.

Choose a hero piece

To complete a room makeover on a budget, you need to get used to the idea of not being able to swap absolutely everything out. Instead, just changing one significant item can be an effective and purse-friendly option. In your bedroom, for example, you could either add something that is missing, such as a statement rug, or treat yourself to a new bed. Nothing else needs to be replaced, yet the entire vibe will be altered, for the better.

Small can be bold

Changes that seems, on the face of it, almost imperceivable to you have the ability to be very impactful and don’t need to cost the earth. Your kitchen is a perfect location for testing this theory, as small changes such as new cupboard and drawer handles can freshen up the entire room. Choose bright and contrasting styles for a pop of modern flair or try something pared back, like leather strap handles, for a cleaner, more minimalist kitchen vibe.

Make new friends

Although the urban jungle trend isn’t going anywhere, plants are far more than just a fashion accessory. Capable of brightening and filling a space without making it feel too cluttered, they constantly evolve, help you to focus and can even improve the air quality inside your home. If you’ve tried nurturing some green friends before and failed, don’t panic; there are plenty of very realistic artificial plant varieties now available that give you the aesthetic you want, but with zero upkeep.

Home makeovers are notorious for costing you more than you want them to, but if you stay focused, concentrate on small but impactful changes and don’t get carried away, you can upgrade your whole property for less than you first thought.

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