Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

Fireman Sam has a new DVD out, and this time it’s an all new never seen on TV movie! Heroes of the Storm is a fun 60 minute film that young Fireman Sam fans and their families can enjoy together.

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

The story shows Sam and his crew working to rescue the residents of Pontypandy from all their disasters, first a bus that goes out of control and is balancing on the cliff edge, and then a storm starts brewing in the area, and they have to deal with flood and an impending hurricane. Meanwhile, Sam and his fire fighter friend Penny get trapped down an old mine with some of the children!

There’s plenty of action to keep kids entertained and Sam and his friends always succeed with their rescues, which keeps the film up beat and positive.

We snuggled down to watch this movie as an after school activity which is ideal for those days when the children are tired out and really need some chill out time, especially if they are just starting reception like R, or nursery then this is a really nice after school treat for them.

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm Since this is a movie rather than the episodes that have been previously seen on TV, even R’s older brothers wanted to watch too (5 and 7). I do find that the feature length movies appeal to the whole family more, compared to the shorter TV style episodes which mainly appeal to the younger ones.

The DVD also includes colouring sheets that you can print off via the main menu.

Fireman Sam Heroes of the Storm

“Fireman Sam and the team are on a mission to save Pontypandy! Just as the brand new fire station opens and two new recruits arrive, an approaching hurricane threatens Pontypandy! The crew jump in to action to prepare the town, with Sam rushing to the old mines to warn Penny and Elvis left in charge at the station. As the wind whips up and the rain lashes down, it’s a race against time to save the residents of Pontypandy. Will Sam reach the flooding mines in time to save Penny and the children? Will Elvis take charge and get the residents to safety in time? Find out in this all-new action-packed adventure!”

Fireman Sam: Heroes of the Storm is out now and is available for only 5.99 (click to see more and buy on Amazon)

Fireman Sam Helmet with Sound

Fireman sam hat with sound

We were also sent the Character Options Fireman Sam helmet with sound which adds to the fun for Fireman Sam role play and dress up after watching the movie. My boys are all really into dress up at the moment, but this is the first dress up that I’ve come across with includes sound too! R thought it was pretty cool.

Fireman sam hat with sound

To activate the sounds, you press the top of the hat which you can see him doing in the picture above. The button is quite large and easy to press while wearing. The hat will sing the Fireman Sam theme tune, and say some Fireman Sam catch phrases. If you have other talking Fireman Sam toys (We have one of the talking plush toys) you might find the sounds within this hat are very similar. I do like that the theme tune is included, because R loves to press that and then dance which is fun for him. I actually find the Fireman Sam theme tune quite catchy – it is definitely one of the better and less annoying Kids TV theme tunes!

Fireman sam hat with sound

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  1. How cute is that! Some people get super annoyed at toys that make noise, but I’ve never really been bothered by any of my son’s musical toys. He loves fire trucks and fire fighters, I’ll have to check out this toy!


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